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About Tigo Optimizers

About the Brand

Tigo is a globally acknowledged leading solar brand that helps increase solar production and is recommended by solar installers in case a roof is under extreme shade or does not experience optimal conditions for solar production. The Tigo optimizer TS4 magnifies the benefit of installing a solar PV system even for roofs that do not experience issues with shading and provides the customer with maximised solar production with its reliable, flexible and secure MLPE technology.

Tigo Optimizer

The Tigo optimizer available in the Australian market is Tigo TS4-A-O. It is an advanced add-on optimization solution. It allows solar buyers to obtain greater solar energy production even on complicated roofs. The tigo optimizers are the most economical and flexible way of boosting the production of your solar system with unparalleled performance. In order to maximise your solar production, you can install these optimizers behind each solar panel to make your system work at its maximum capacity.


Tigo Optimizer Installation & how it works

In the past, when solar technology wasn’t as developed at it is today, issues like shading, etc. had to be dealt with by installing microinverters for the entire system even if only a few panels were causing complications because of their location on the roof. This way of dealing with the issue weighed heavily on the pockets of potential solar buyers while being a cumbersome and time consuming process for the solar installer as well.

As solar technology has developed over time, more feasible solutions to optimizing your solar power system have been introduced. With the introduction of Tigo Optimizers, you do not need to optimize the entire system to make your solar panels work optimally. The Tigo Optimizers can be installed only on the solar panels facing the issue which consequentially means lower cost for the solar buyer and less time consuming for the solar installer. For instance,  if there are only four or five solar panels under shade due to trees or an adjacent building, then you would only need to install the Tigo optimizers on those affected panels instead of the entire solar power system. This is not only cost efficient but the best part is these tigo optimizers are compatible with all brands of solar inverters available in the market.

Key Features of Tigo Optimizer TS4-A-O

  • The Tigo optimizers are suitable for up to 700w solar modules.
  • Tigo optimizers are designed to get the maximum energy output from the solar array therefore optimizing the system. They are really efficient in minimising loss from panel shading or degradation.
  • These optimizers provide module level monitoring. By tracking the individual module performance the tigo software provides the most precise insight into the solar system and this makes it very easy to identify if there are any faults in the system.
  • A Tigo optimizer is very easy to install. You just need to install it on the panels affected by the shade issue only, which makes them very flexible to add on to any solar system.
  • They are compatible with all the solar inverters available in the Australian market.
  • The warranty offered by Tigo on their optimizer is 25 years.


Tigo Optimizers have offered a game-changing approach towards the optimization of a solar PV system to enhance solar production and work as a cost efficient solution for roofs which face issues with shade. The Tigo optimizer presents top notch solar technology which is guaranteed to excel your solar power system’s performance.

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