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Why bird proofing your solar panels is important

As solar energy is being recognized as one of the healthiest and most economical sources of renewable energy all over the world, solar panel installations are commonly seen on household and commercial rooftops these days. Not only do solar users benefit from solar panel installations, but also birds, who love solar panels for the warmth and safety that they provide them. Solar panels often become a shelter for birds that take refuge on their underside. This is why a terrace with a solar panel installation is a common landing site for birds.

In addition to this, when birds build nests under the solar modules, it restricts the airflow and causes the panels to overheat, reducing system efficiency. Birds may also eat away at the cabling around the panels which can lead to sparks, fires, and system breakdown. To prevent this menace, bird proofing your solar panels in Australia when planning a solar panel installation is an important practice to ensure the physical safety of the system as well as effective functioning leading to optimum yield. The cost to birdproof solar panels will be lesser when done at the time of solar panel installation as it will save you some labour costs. There are various successful methods of bird-proofing solar panels in Australia, which we shall discuss in this blog.

How to birdproof your solar panels?

Bird spikes

Installing bird spikes may seem to be a cruel method of keeping the birds at bay, but actually, it does not harm the bird severely. Birds are aware that their foot may get hurt on landing on a spike therefore, they avoid setting foot on your roof when bird spikes are installed. However, humans have to be careful of the spikes when they get on the roof for panel service and maintenance.

Predator fakes

Another way to keep birds and animals away is to install fakes of predators like owls and eagles on and around your roof. It is important to keep changing the place of these predator statues from time to time so that the birds do not doubt that the predators are unreal. The fear of the predator will help keep the birds from creating a mess on your solar panels. The cost to bird-proof solar panels using fake predators is the lowest.

Clean surroundings

Unclean surroundings around your property may lead to snakes and rodents inhabiting your garden areas. These animals and other insects serve as food for birds which will attract more birds to your property and the solar panel installation will provide warm protection for them to live under. Therefore, keeping your surroundings clean will protect them from getting inhabited by rodents, snakes, and insects, and save your roof from bird traffic.

Bird mesh

In a solar panel installation, there are gaps between the panel and the roof that allow entry for birds to the underside of the panel which makes for good nesting space. Filling these gaps with a mesh keeps animals and birds from getting beneath the modules. A bird mesh installation is one of the most successful and commonly deployed methods of bird-proofing solar panels in Australia. 


The cost to bird-proof solar panels is not very high but protects your solar panel installation from output loss and physical damage to panels due to birds. Of all the methods of bird-proofing, a bird mesh installation is the best way to ensure that birds and animals do not house under your panels.

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