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What is the life expectancy of solar panels in Queensland?

With the kind of investment that goes into a home solar system, it is only obvious to expect excellent financial returns from it. We often get asked, “what is the average lifespan of the best solar panels in Brisbane”, “which are the best solar panels in Australia” and “how many years can I expect my solar panels in Queensland to last” …

So, all the best quality solar panels in Australia are made to last more than 25 years. However, it does not mean that after 25 years the panels will die or stop working. It only means that after that period, the panels’ highest output shall decrease by some percentage of the total expected output which is generally about 10 percent. They shall continue to produce electricity efficiently whether it is a 6.6kw system or a 10kw system in a Brisbane home. It is no surprise that some panels that were installed more than three decades ago are still working with great efficiency.

Solar modules are exceptionally dependable in terms of performance efficiency as well as build quality and most solar companies in Brisbane as well as Gold Coast in Queensland support their products with performance assurance in their warranties.

Degradation Rate

As with all technologies, the energy production of even the top solar panels in Australia will decrease over the decades. The rate at which the panels decrease power production is their rate of degradation.
The average rate of degradation for panels is 0.5% every year. This means that after a period of 20 years, the panels will produce 10% lesser than their original expected output. After two decades your panels will still be functioning at 90% of their original output efficiency. This is awesome!

How to make panels last longer

The best solar companies in Gold Coast and Brisbane, build panels that are reliable and durable and ask for very little care. Cleaning your solar panels regularly is not even necessary if your area does not experience much dust and sand due to dry weather and climate.

Your panels do not require much attention however, it is still advisable to regularly inspect them and monitor their production, to make sure your system is producing at its full potential.

1) Keeping panels clear of debris and shade

When leaves, dust and bird droppings, etc. cover parts of your solar panels’ surface, their efficiency will be affected. If your area experiences enough rain to clear the panels of such debris, it is fine. However, it may not be sufficient if you do observe a drop in the system’s output, in which case you may consider getting the panels professionally cleaned.

Sometimes even a strong storm could cause branches from nearby trees to fall on the panels which will cast shade on them, reducing the absorption of sunlight and hence energy production. They should be removed after the storm to restore optimal performance.

Before installation, the contractors would take care that any trees surrounding the property causing a shade on the roof be removed or trimmed. However, the trees trimmed before will grow back with time and need to be trimmed regularly to avoid shading the panels in order to accomplish their best efficiency.

2) Regular monitoring

You want your solar system to perform at its maximum potential. Therefore, routine inspection of its main parts which include the panels, the wiring, the inverters, and the meters is of great importance.
If you do observe an abnormal hike in your electricity bill, or if you feel that your panels are yielding lower than expected after a rain or storm, there could be an electrical fault that requires professional attention.

3) Work with a reliable solar installer

Getting a creditable solar installer will go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your solar system. A good, professional solar provider will not only take care of a professional installation but also provide after-installation services for your system to function efficiently for decades.


While we know that panels are built to last for decades and require very little maintenance, however, a little care on your part will make your panels last really long and give you an excellent return on your investment.

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