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What are the benefits of solar batteries?

Extended power supply disruptions lead to disorder and more people are now increasingly interested in storing excess power from their solar to become energy-independent. Recurrent weather disturbances cause lengthy power outages which brings people to desire a reliable energy supply.

There is a wide variety of battery types and configurations of storage systems available in the solar market and comprehending what suits your requirements, can be a little overwhelming for anyone.

Thus, seeking recommendations from the best solar companies in Australia is advisable. However, not many solar companies in Australia hold much experience with batteries at present, so it is great to gather some knowledge about home battery storage, its types, merits, and demerits which is what we shall describe in this article.

Types of batteries

1) Lead-Acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries are rechargeable batteries that were earlier used for off-grid systems however not very popular at present.

2) Lithium-Ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are the most commonly used these days and are advancing expeditiously. These are the batteries our smartphones and laptops use too.

3) Flow batteries

Flow batteries are evolving and will be the future of energy storage as they can provide storage for much longer than the usual four hours of lithium-ion batteries.

Do I need battery storage?

Batteries are expensive right now. This means a high initial cost and slower payback time. This makes investing in batteries seem like they’re not a lucrative move. However, once your feed-in tariffs decrease, storage of excess energy will make more sense. Batteries also bring a sense of energy security to homeowners and businesses as they can rely on their own power in energy emergencies. Being self-sufficient is an excellent way to achieve peace of mind as battery storage means energy reserves you can fall back upon in power outage situations, which can suddenly arise due to weather disturbances and electrical faults.

What is a battery-ready system?

If you wish to get solar panels for your Queensland property and aspire to attach a battery later, the best solar companies in Australia will suggest you get a hybrid inverter instead of a traditional central inverter. This is because a hybrid inverter is battery-compatible and comes equipped with battery connections, so you can install a battery in the future.

What battery size do I want?

A hybrid inverter helps you gauge the performance of your solar in Brisbane and also your consumption over a year’s time. The hybrid inverter’s monitoring app helps you measure energy production and usage to determine how much excess energy your system generates. This will help you decide what battery size you want for your home.

Advantages of Battery Storage

1) Lowers Pollution

Adding a battery essentially means you are depending more on power generated by your solar, than grid power which is generated using fossil fuels that pollute the environment.

2) Backup

Batteries provide backup power in the event of a power emergency.

3) Saves Money

Grid electricity is more expensive than power generated by your solar in Brisbane. Using less energy from the grid means reduced energy costs and higher savings.

4) Energy Independence

Using more solar energy lessens your dependence on the grid thus increasing self-sufficiency.

Disadvantages of Battery Storage

1) High initial cost

The upfront cost of a battery adds to the cost of solar panels in Queensland thereby increasing the total system cost.

2) Complex

Requires additional monitoring equipment and a hybrid inverter.

3) Requires room

The battery storage system requires extra space to be installed securely away from direct sunlight.


With increased energy security and self-sufficiency, batteries provide peace of mind to solar users which makes them worth the investment. While due to the high costs of batteries, they may not seem profitable to many at the moment, batteries are indeed the future of renewable energy storage. For this reason, more people are investing in battery-ready solar systems in Australia in 2022.

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