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What are the benefits of installing solar on a new house?

There has been a surge in the demand for new properties, residential as well as commercial, which already have a solar system installation integrated into the structure. This has many advantages that we shall go over in this article.

The wiring

A big advantage of installing solar panels while building a new house is that the wiring can be concealed in the walls. We know that a solar system has a lot of wiring to connect the various components together. When installed on an already built structure, the electrical wiring remains exposed to dangers like water from rain, animals and birds eating away at the cables, etc., which can lead to sparking and flames. These dangers can be prevented by safely tugging all the wiring behind the walls during the construction of a new property.

The roof design

A solar panel installation on an already established structure may face issues like obstruction of chimneys, antennae, etc. Sometimes the available roof space does not allow a full string to be placed together and the arrays have to be mounted in different locations making the installation challenging. But with a new structure, the roof space can be strategically designed such that it can accommodate the solar panels without such obstructions and achieve maximum solar results.

The location

A new roof can be designed to receive maximum sunlight for the solar panels to generate optimal results. For maximum power production, the top solar panels in Australia want to face north. The area to accommodate the panels can be evaluated to receive maximum sunlight and prevent panels from getting any shade during the day.

Roof strength

An aged roof may demand repairs before it can be considered suitable for top solar panels in Australia to be installed. A new roof built with a view to installing solar panels will be strong enough to endure the weight of the modules and the racking for decades. Roof strength is vital to ensure the safety of the structure and the inhabitants of the house.

Increase the value of the property

A solar system installation enhances the building’s value. More people these days want to invest in a property that already has a solar panel installation for the numerous benefits of solar power. A house that has one of the top solar panels in Australia on its roof is sold and purchased at a higher price than one that hasn’t. The higher price paid for such a property can be recovered with the savings they will make on the electricity costs.

Protect the roof from damage

Solar panels are like a protective layer on your roof that will obstruct sunlight from directly reaching the roof’s surface. This will prevent the roof from reaching high temperatures and sunlight will not bake and damage the roof, making it safe from cracks that can cause water ingress.

Keep the house cooler

The solar panel arrays on the roof prevent it from getting too hot and therefore the internal temperatures of the house do not get as high too.


Solar saves you a great deal of money on electricity bills and frees you from the worry of future inflation in power prices. It helps you contribute towards community health by lowering the usage of fossil fuels and reducing the release of pollutants into the environment. People who now purchase or build new properties look at solar installation as a vital part of the structure and not a luxury anymore.

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