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What are the advantages of a SolarEdge inverter system?

SolarEdge is one of the solar industry leaders in inverters and power optimizers. The development of optimizers by SolarEdge reformed the way solar power systems were expected to produce energy. The revolutionary technology of optimizers is an epic advancement in the solar domain introduced by SolarEdge in 2006.

The edge with SolarEdge inverters and optimizers

1) Panel-level performance

With conventional central string inverter systems, the total yield of your solar system is affected by the weakest working module as all the modules are connected. One weak panel decreases the performance of all panels in the array and severe power loss occurs due to panel discrepancy.

On the other hand, SolarEdge optimizers attached to each panel individually support every panel to function independently of the other panels. This results in the generation of maximum energy from each solar panel and helps increase the total energy output of the solar system by 25%.

This implies that issues like shading and debris on a single module, no more influence the system’s performance and output, and you make more savings on your utility bills.

2) Battery Compatibility

Attaching a solar battery to your PV system is very easy with SolarEdge inverters and optimizers as they are compatible with all AC-coupled batteries. This means that if you have a SolarEdge inverter system installed and decide to add a solar battery and/or a solar-compatible EV charger in the future, it can be easily done as the SolarEdge inverter system supports both.

3) Flexible Design

SolarEdge inverter system effectively deals with issues like partial shading, module mismatch, and multiple strings with different orientations to prevent any power loss. The design flexibility of the SolarEdge inverter system, therefore, helps your solar generate more power output.

4) Hassle-free maintenance

The SolarEdge inverter system is easy to maintain as it has the competence to detect faults and send a message to the installers. Additionally, the SolarEdge inverter system facilitates panel-level monitoring for early diagnosis of any failures in the modules which reduces the chances of production halts, and the system can be fixed quickly to resume power generation.

5) Enhanced Module Efficiency

SolarEdge inverters are more dependable, productive, and cost-efficient as compared to conventional string inverters. SolarEdge inverters offer an amazing 99% efficiency while most other string solar inverters offer 93 to 96% efficiency. More efficiency means more solar power, more savings, and quicker payback!

6) Lengthy Warranties

Most traditional inverters on the solar market offer a warranty of 5 to 10 years. SolarEdge inverters have a leading edge with a 12-year warranty and their power optimizers have a 25-year warranty.

7) Safety Features

SolarEdge inverters are designed to automatically recognize and shut down high DC currents through the wiring to control risks in the event of an emergency and during maintenance. SolarEdge inverters also have arc fault detection and panel-level shutdown to prevent fire hazards. Online SolarEdge reviews mention that they are indeed safe and easy-to-maintain solar products.

8) Advanced Monitoring Platform

Your PV system’s real-time information can be accessed through the SolarEdge monitoring platform. This includes not only technical data but also the financial performance of your solar. No additional equipment is required for monitoring as the feature is integrated into the SolarEdge products. Due to individual panel performance reports, any defects in the system are easier to diagnose. The monitoring system sends alerts to the installers should any failures or defects occur, allowing remote rectification.


Power optimizers are a great way to enhance your solar system’s power output where shading is an issue or when you just want to maximize your system’s efficiency. They are added to each PV panel in your solar installation for tracking their real-time performance and regulating their output to their maximum power point. SolarEdge inverter systems offer longer warranties, easy maintenance, and excellent safety and monitoring features which make them highly recommended by most installers. Do go through some SolarEdge reviews online to get a better idea of their quality and performance.

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