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What are the advantages of a solar power system?

There are various financial and environmental advantages of solar energy for people as home and business owners and the community as a whole.

Advantages of a solar power system

1) Reduces your carbon footprint

Grid electricity is generated using fossil fuel sources. On the other hand, your solar panels in Australia generate clean, renewable energy and benefit the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

2) Reduces your utility bills

The best solar panels in Australia will help you reduce your energy bills as soon as they are installed. They generate electricity for your property so that you use lesser grid electricity and hence get tinier bills.

3) Environment-friendly

Solar panels produce clean, environment-friendly renewable energy. A 6.6kW solar system in Australia will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment to a great extent. The creation of solar energy involves no release of harmful pollutants into the environment.

4) Adds to the property value

The top solar panels in Australia offer financial and environmental benefits to your property for more than two decades. When you buy or sell homes in Australia, the ones with a solar installation often have a much higher value than those with no solar panel system.

5) Government solar rebates

The best solar rebates in Australia will considerably reduce your solar power system cost. The Australia solar rebates usually save you up to $3000 on the cost of solar panels like Jinko, Risen, Trina, or any other top solar panels in Australia as long as the components are CEC approved and are installed by a CEC-accredited installer.

6) Renewable Energy

Solar energy is renewable i.e. never-ending. Since the sun is permanent, we shall never run out of solar power.

7) Very little maintenance

After a solar installation, solar panels in your Australia home practically require no or little maintenance. The only component in the solar system to wear out about 10 to 15 years after installation is the inverter.

8) Long-lasting

Top-quality solar panels in Australia will last you about 25 years and even more. You can choose solar panels from reliable Tier 1 brands like Trina, Jinko, Risen, etc to ensure the longevity of the system.

9) Solar energy at night

You can even use the power generated by your solar panels in Australia, at night, by storing it in batteries. Installing a battery may be expensive but it will help you make more savings on your electricity bills by reducing your grid power usage even further.

10) Quick Payback

Usually, top solar panels in Australia like Risen, Trina, Jinko, etc. have a quick payback period due to their high performance and durability. Solar panels in Australia commonly pay back within the first 4 to 6 years of installation.

11) Excess energy export

You will receive a feed-in tariff for the extra, unused solar energy that you send back to the utility grid. This will add to your savings on the electricity bills.

12) Energy autonomy

A solar power system helps you generate your own electricity. If you go one step further and install a solar battery, you will have complete energy independence as you can store extra energy from your solar for later use.


Installing a solar is a profitable decision. The shift to solar energy protects the environment in many ways. Investment in solar provides excellent economic returns.
The most commonly installed 6.6kW solar system in Australia typically pays off within the first 5 years of installation and continues to deliver savings for its lifetime of 25 years.

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