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Vent your desire to go Solar

Solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters and solar ventilation is all powered by the sun and hence this makes them perfect for Australian rooftops, as there is no shortage of sun here! There are a number of reasons and benefits to introduce solar ventilation system to homes and businesses

Promotes better health

Solar ventilation creates high quality indoor air. It keeps away dust, mites and mold that can cause allergies, asthma and seasonal illnesses. The inbuilt air filters get rid of pollutants and humidity, so that you can inhale fresh, clean air. 

Environment friendly

We are a nation of Sun Lovers, but we also use a lot of energy on heating and cooling our houses (around 40% of our energy consumption) – so it makes sense to use solar ventilation as much as possible!


The power prices make new headlines all the time, prompting some households to take a fresh look at energy consumption. Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems also account for up to 50% of a commercial building’s energy use (1). HVAC dominate peak electricity demand.  Capital and maintenance costs for these systems also comprise a high portion of overall building costs. Improving the HVAC efficiency can have a big impact on your bottom line by reducing energy use, maintenance costs and peak demand charges. This will also reputational benefits through higher energy efficiency ratings, such as the National Australian Built Environment Ratings System (NABERS). NABERS is a voluntary performance-based rating system that measures an existing buildings overall environmental performance during operation (2).

Makes your home and workplace cool

Solar attic fans are a solar ventilation solution. They can reduce the burden of your HVAC by helping to cool your home during the summer. Solar Ventilation technologies that come under the industrial application of solar processes, can also preheat a building’s air in cold climates, reducing energy costs.

Replacing moist stale air with fresh clean air

What needs to be done during Summer is to bring in the night air which is cool inside and let it stay cold for as long as possible. Then the Solar ventilation system can help by using stale but cold night-time air leaving the place to cool the warm fresh air that is coming in.

Keeps attics cool in summer

Attics accumulate a lot of heat in the summer and can put a lot of burden on your HVAC system. They act like giant radiators, passing extra heat into your living spaces. With Solar Ventilation, you can keep your attics cools with the Solar attic fans, which also makes attic space usable for storage purposes. Without temperature regulation in your attic, the things that are stored there likely to get spoilt by high heat. A cooler attic can make the rest of your house comfortable too. This environment friendly option means that you will spend less money on storage for your valuables and keepsakes and also save energy!

There is no doubt that the benefits of solar ventilation are numerous. Besides making the world a cleaner and better place to live, they also end up harnessing the Sun’s energy to cool your space and save you money on energy that would otherwise have paid for!




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