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Useful tips to help you choose the right solar company

It is essential that you pick the right solar retailer once you make the decision to go solar to ensure a smooth installation process and are guaranteed a reliable after installation service. This blog helps you explore what measures you can take as a customer in order to find the best solar company. The Clean Energy Council plays a vital role in helping you find the right solar retailer to help narrow down your choices to help you choose the best solar company. Over and above its accreditation scheme, the Clean Energy Council also runs the voluntary Approved Solar Retailer program, to help you find a quality supplier. Endorsed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), it aims to raise standards in the solar industry.

When you begin enquiring for prices on solar power system, you will get contacted by several solar companies willing for you to choose them. When you start getting quotes for an appropriate system, some of the things to consider are the presence of the CEC logo which signifies whether or not that company is an approved retailer.  You can also check the list of CEC Approved Solar Retailers on their website to verify if a supplier is actually approved.

Many retailers have been approved by the CEC, demonstrating their commitment to its voluntary code of conduct. Some of the vital measures followed by a CEC approved solar retailer includes:

  • An ethical sales and marketing method
  • A reliable workmanship warranty
  • Ensuring that the installation is carried out by a CEC accredited installer.

What are some key things to consider when finding the best solar company?

Finding a CEC Approved Retailer should be on the top of your list when narrowing down your choices for the right solar company. Apart from making sure that the solar company you are considering is approved by the CEC and has CEC installers, there are other factors to consider to help make your decision. There are around 400 solar companies and 4800 accredited installers in the Australian market currently. Just like with any other major investment, it is wise to seek a number of quotes and read reviews for the companies you are considering before signing any contracts. Here are some of the things to consider when eliminating various retailers to choose the right solar retailer –

  • It is preferable to choose a solar company with over five years of operation
  • A company with an Australian office and local phone number is highly recommended to help easy and more accessible after installation service
  • Find a way to talk to previous customers to enquire about the service before and after their system was installed. Don’t rely only on online reviews.
  •  Make sure the installer who will do the job has his license from the Clean Energy Council.
  •  Avoid solar companies that use pushy sales techniques. Hard-to-believe pricing should raise red flags.

These are some of the key features to look for in a potential solar retailer. There are also a few factors to discourage you from considering a solar company.

It is recommended to call around for a few quotes and assess a few options before deciding on the best solar company to help you get a better understanding of the base cost for a solar power system, battery storage and installation.

Sometimes a deal that appears “too good to be true” is in all reality exactly that- cheaper prices do not equate to a high performing, long lasting system in most cases. When certain companies quote you extremely cheap prices, there is usually a set of problems that are sure to follow you due to low quality and lack of skilled workmanship.

In conclusion, make sure the solar company you are considering to do the job is actually qualified and is a reputable one in order to avoid future issues and keep all after installation support reliable and hassle free. Contact Solar Power Nation today for a free quote on a system and begin saving with installation done through one of the best solar companies in Australia.

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