You are currently viewing Explore Top Solar Packages in Australia: Your Guide to Affordable, Efficient Solar Energy Solutions

Explore Top Solar Packages in Australia: Your Guide to Affordable, Efficient Solar Energy Solutions

Choosing the right solar packages can mean the difference between just reducing your energy bills and completely transforming your relationship with power. Our guide by solar power nation experts cuts through the complexity to help you find solar solutions that fit your needs and budget. Navigate the world of solar with confidence, from starter kits to advanced systems, and understand the real-world impact on your expenses and environmental footprint.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar packages offer a range of options suitable for different budgets and energy needs, with systems ranging from 6.6kW for those new to solar to advanced 13.3kW setups for maximum efficiency and savings.

  • Solar battery packages, including the Tesla Powerwall, enable energy storage for use when the sun isn’t shining, effectively transforming solar systems into comprehensive home energy solutions.

  • There are state-specific solar deals and financial incentives in Australia, such as feed-in tariffs and government rebates, which can make solar energy a more attractive and profitable investment for homeowners.

Discover Our Solar Package Options

solar brands options with SPNHarnessing the power of the sun’s rays can bring endless benefits, and selecting an appropriate solar package allows you to unlock the capabilities of solar energy for your residence or commercial establishment. Our variety of solar packages is designed to meet diverse requirements, whether your priority is cost-effectiveness or achieving maximum energy efficiency.

Our array encompasses a broad spectrum from basic arrangements to highly sophisticated configurations, providing opportunities that can revolutionize your approach to energy consumption.

Budget-Friendly Solar Package

Our Budget-Friendly Solar Package offers an excellent entry point for individuals exploring the benefits of solar energy. Equipped with a 5kW solar system, it is ideally suited for households that consume approximately 20kWh of electricity each day and are looking to substantially cut down on their power bills.

In the budget friendly category, we offer 6.6kW from $2,399*, 9.9kW from $3,799* and 13.2kW from $4,399*. We offer solar panel brands such as Eging, JA and inverter brands such as SAJ, Sofar, Solis.

Choosing this package demonstrates a commitment to both cost-effective and eco-friendly living, allowing homeowners to embrace sustainability while ensuring their investment remains economical.

Advanced Solar Package

The Advanced Solar Package elevates your experience with solar energy by providing:

  • Premium quality solar panels

  • State-of-the-art inverters

  • Applicability for both homes and businesses

  • Assurance of significant savings on costs and positive environmental impacts over time.

In the advanced solar package category, we offer 6.6kW from $2,799*, 9.9kW from $4,399* and 13.2kW from $5,899*. We offer solar panel brands such as Longi, Canadian Solar, Jinko, Trina and inverter brands such as Goodwe, Sungrow.

Ultimate Performance Solar Package

For those seeking the pinnacle of efficiency, the Ultimate Performance Solar Package stands unrivaled. In the ultimate performance solar package category, we offer 6.6kW from $4,199*, 9.9kW from $5,899* and 13.2kW from $6,399*. We offer solar panel brands like REC, Qcells and inverter brands like Fronius, Solaredge.

All of our solar packages not only offers superior solar performance but also comes fortified with a 25-year panel warranty alongside a 10 years workmanship guarantee, exemplifying an investment in solar that assures tranquility and confidence.

Custom Solar Solutions

Recognizing the distinct energy needs of each household, our Custom Solar Solutions are crafted to align perfectly with your individual energy requirements. We provide comprehensive support ranging from initial consultations during pre-construction stages and phone assessments to personalized solar system designs. This approach guarantees that your solar setup not only fits precisely, but also comes with continuous assistance and upkeep for an uninterrupted and smooth solar journey. Contact our sales experts for free analysis of your solar requirement. 

Solar Battery Packages: Enhance Your Solar Experience

Illustration of solar battery packages

Even after the sun goes down, you can continue to harness your solar system’s potential. The energy that wasn’t used during daylight is preserved in our battery packages for subsequent use, maximizing every bit of sunlight received. From straightforward configurations to the acclaimed Tesla Powerwall, these solar battery solutions transform your setup into a consistently robust energy source regardless of the time.

Basic Battery Package

The Fundamental Battery Package offers an affordable option that still delivers on efficiency. It’s perfect for individuals who want effective energy storage solutions without incurring significant costs. Combining an 8kWh battery with a 6.6kW solar system can result in faster financial returns and represents a wise move toward eco-friendly living practices.

Tesla Powerwall Package

For individuals seeking the pinnacle of technology combined with dependability, the Tesla Powerwall Package shines through. This all-encompassing energy system encompasses the esteemed Powerwall battery and is paired with a Backup Gateway to ensure smooth control over your power needs.

This offering transcends mere energy storage—it’s designed to convert your domicile into an autonomous virtual power plant.

State-Specific Solar Deals

Australia is bathed in sunlight, and this is reflected in our solar offers that reach every state. With distinct incentives and costs tailored to each locale, going solar is a smart economic choice regardless of your Australian abode. Whether it’s the sun-kissed shores of NSW or the wild beaches of WA, delve into deals unique to each state that make embracing solar a wise financial move.

Solar Deals NSW

People living in New South Wales have the opportunity to invest in solar energy with packages starting at $2,699* for a substantial 6.6 kW system. To make this clean energy option available to everyone, there are financing alternatives that require no initial deposit and offer interest-free terms. These financial incentives help ease the burden of immediate expenses and position solar as a wise long-term investment.

Solar Deals SA

In South Australia, an array of solar packages are available that offer efficiency as well as savings. The 6.6kW solar package starts from $2,699*. These tailored options for varying energy requirements come with attractive feed-in tariffs, ensuring residents can reap the long-term benefits and contribute to a sustainable way of living that’s both economically beneficial and environmentally friendly.

Solar Deals WA

In Western Australia, residents can take advantage of attractively priced solar options suited to diverse financial capacities and power needs. Solar packages starting at $2,699 for a 6.6 kW setup make the decision to switch to solar in WA not only an environmentally responsible one but also a savvy economic move.

Solar Deals QLD

In Queensland, there are enticing solar offers abound such as 6.6kW from $2,699*, providing substantial feed-in tariffs and local incentives that enhance the value of your investment. No matter if you’re situated in the dynamic energy market of South East Queensland or outlying regions, a customised solar package awaits to optimize returns based on your specific geographic needs.

Solar Deals VIC

Homeowners in Victoria have an array of solar options to choose from, with packages starting at $1,299 for a 6.6 kW system – all thanks to the incentives provided by the state government and extra discounts offered by various providers. The combination of the Solar Homes program along with interest-free loans presents solar as an incredibly attractive choice for those seeking to embrace sustainable energy solutions.

Understanding Feed-in Tariffs and Incentives

Illustration of feed-in tariffs and incentives

Understanding the financial incentives available can make investing in solar energy even more beneficial. With feed-in tariffs and government rebates, your solar system isn’t just saving you money—it’s generating income by giving you credit for any surplus electricity returned to the grid.

By clarifying these incentives, it becomes apparent how they enhance the value of your investment in solar power.

Feed-in Tariff Basics

Feed-in tariffs sweeten the deal of utilizing solar energy by compensating you for any excess electricity your solar system supplies to the power grid. These financial incentives can significantly diminish or even completely offset your power bills, and they offer a consistent flow of income that boosts the economic attractiveness of going solar.

Eligibility Criteria

Grasping the eligibility requirements for feed-in tariffs is essential for customers seeking to benefit from them. The advantages of such investment endure, providing consistent financial returns whether you choose to remain in your home or decide to sell it.

Be aware that upgrading your solar system beyond its initial size may impact your ability to secure premium rates under the feed-in tariff program. Thus, careful planning of your solar installation strategy is advisable.

Maximizing Benefits

To optimize the advantages of feed-in tariffs, one must precisely calibrate their approach. This involves having a grasp on the specific rate of your tariff, adopting strategic energy use practices and cultivating habits that promote energy efficiency.

Through intelligent strategizing, investing in a solar PV system transcends its role as merely an energy provider to become a shrewd economic decision.

Installation Considerations: Roof Types and Standard Installations

Illustration of roof types and solar panel installations

Starting your journey with solar energy requires careful thought, particularly regarding whether your roof is suitable for solar panels. The material and structure of the roof, its positioning relative to the sun’s path, and potential obstacles that could cast shade must all be assessed to guarantee a smooth installation.

You can have confidence that the placement of solar panels on your home will be ideal as professional roofing contractors who are licensed take charge of executing the setup process.

Tin Roof Compatibility

Solar panel installations are highly compatible with tin roofs, thanks to their robust construction and streamlined shapes. By employing the appropriate brackets and sealing methods, a solid and weatherproof configuration can be achieved that not only endures environmental conditions but also produces renewable energy for your household.

Additional Roof Types

Other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles and tiles provide a reliable base for solar panels, similar to the common selection of tin roofs. Yet, one should avoid using fragile materials like wood and slate, which may lead to potential risks and compromise the durability and safety of the solar panel installation.

Standard Installation Process

The procedure for a standard installation of solar panels encompasses several critical steps.

  1. Selecting the appropriate mounting hardware for your solar panels

  2. Arranging the electrical wiring configurations

  3. Following safety protocols to guarantee both peak operation and safety of your solar system

Executing this careful process guarantees that not only does your solar system function at its best, but it also maintains as a secure enhancement to your residence.

Achieving Energy Independence with Solar Power

Illustration of achieving energy independence with solar power

Harnessing solar energy is pivotal to achieving energy independence, offering a buffer against rising energy costs and the instability of the power grid. By installing a solar system, you produce your own electricity, which diminishes dependence on external power supplies and ensures both personal sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Environmental Impact

Adopting solar energy represents a meaningful move towards achieving energy independence and plays a crucial role in shrinking your carbon footprint. Opting for renewable energy not only aids in combating climate change, but also promotes expansion within the solar industry, enabling you to explore the advantages of participating in an eco-friendly energy market.

Financial Savings

Harnessing solar power offers financial advantages that are as clear and compelling as the sunshine itself. It presents an economical route to substantial savings, including reducing energy bills significantly and even generating credits from excess power.

Both homeowners and business entities stand to gain considerably from this prudent investment, with potential energy cost reductions reaching up to 60% based on their specific solar configurations.

Increased Property Value

Investing in solar power goes beyond just an upgrade of energy. It represents a significant improvement to property value. Properties equipped with solar systems may experience a boost in their resale price and tend to be sold more quickly, which positions solar as an attractive option for homeowners who are astute about augmenting their investment.


As we’ve journeyed through the solar landscape, it’s evident that solar power offers a universe of benefits, from cost savings and environmental impact to increased property value and energy independence. Whether you’re a budget-conscious beginner or a performance-seeking pro, there’s a solar package that’s right for you. With the right approach and understanding of incentives and installation, the power of the sun is yours to harness.

*Please not all prices and energy related numbers will depends on every household situation. Kindly, contact our sales team for correct analysis for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 10kW solar system cost in Australia?

In main cities of Australia, a premium 10kW solar system equipped with premium panels like Longi solar panels and solis inverter will cost in range of 3,799* onwards (after calculating in government solar incentives). It’s possible to find little less expensive options for under $3,799*. These might utilize panels of lower quality and come without the assurance of after-sales support.

How much is a 15kW solar system in Australia?

In main cities of Australia, a mid-range 15kW solar system begins at a price point of $8,000* and is capable of generating an average daily energy output of about 60 units.

Should you opt to incorporate a battery into the system, the cost can rise as high as $22,000*.

How much is a 6.6 kW solar system in Australia?

In main cities of Australia, the price range for a 6.6kW solar system starts from $2,699*

How many panels in a 10kW solar system in Australia?

For a 10kW solar system, it is necessary to install 24 panels that are rated at 415W each. To accommodate these solar panels, your roof should have a minimum area of 48 square meters.

By setting up such an arrangement with the specified number of solar panels, you can expect to generate approximately 9.96kW of power from this setup.

How many panels in a 6.6kW solar system in Australia?

For a 6.6kW solar system, it is necessary to install 15 panels that are rated at 415W each. To accommodate these solar panels, your roof should have a minimum area of 25-30 square meters.

How many panels in a 13.3kW solar system in Australia?

For a 13.3kW solar system, it is necessary to install 32 panels that are rated at 415W each. To accommodate these solar panels, your roof should have a minimum area of 65-70 square meters.

Can solar panels really reduce my energy bills?

Certainly, incorporating solar panels into your energy setup can lead to a reduction in energy bills by as much as 20%. Individuals who utilize both solar and battery packages are likely to experience even greater savings. The extent of these savings is contingent upon the scale of their system and their patterns of energy consumption.

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