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Time to go solar is now!

Benefits, special offers and more. Here is why you need to go solar!


Did you know that as of 9 November 2021, more than 3 million rooftop solar PV systems have been installed across Australia? 

With all that the world has gone through in 2020 & 2021, and the fact that a lot of us are working from home, we are witnessing soaring electricity bills. While we think of our family’s health and safety, we also have to think of our planet’s health. It’s a known fact that solar power is the key to a clean future. So let’s take some time to do something cool before 2021 ends. Let’s switch to solar! 

With financial incentives available to people who want to go solar, the Australian Government is making solar energy accessible for residences as well as industrial organizations. 

The Australian Government introduced STCs in the country to encourage people to lessen their carbon footprint and harness the power of solar energy that is available in abundance. The STC scheme has nine years to phase out completely. Which means that the number of STCs you get per kW of solar installed is decreasing each year. So, if you want to ensure some savings, do so before December 31st

Since the STC scheme is being terminated by 2030, you may want to connect with a reliable solar energy provider like Solar Power Nation to take the first step to go green! Not only do they offer financial incentives that will make your transition to going solar easy, but their qualified team of experts will also guide you on the best solar panels that need to be installed. You can visit our website to get more details. 

What does Solar Power Nation (SPN) offer?

As we are approaching the end of the year, it’s time to get ready to harness the power of the sun. Be a green warrior and choose to go solar with Solar Power Nation. 

Choose from an array of premium systems, customized for your energy needs at affordable prices.

Solar Panels: A wide range of solar panels from some of the best brands in the world

Solar Inverters: Optimize your energy savings with inverters from the most trusted brands

Solar Batteries: Affordable solar storage with capacities ranging from 1kWh to 14kWh

To meet you solar power requirements, Solar Power Nation (SPN) offer affordable solar solutions that are just right for your home, at a price that suits your budget. We offer complete solar solutions for your home in your budget. Till December 31, we have premium quality solar solutions at the lowest prices. So make the switch to solar with this limited time offer.

Why Solar Power Nation? 

Solar Power Nation is accredited by the Clean Energy Council and every one of energy’s installers are CEC approved under the STC program and can claim STCs on your behalf. This means, we can pass the savings faster and directly to you – for no extra fee. By choosing us as your solar installer, you will not need to go through a broker or buyer for your STCs, which can be a lengthy and difficult process for you. But you will need to act quickly! The STC scheme is set to decrease in value again on 1 January 2022.

If going solar has been on your mind, make the most of it now. Now is the right time to avail the best discounts and offers before the STCs reduce. View our special offers and get a quote for your requirements. 

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