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Things you can do on the longest day of the year

Did you know that Summer Solstice isn’t limited to Earth? If you were living in Uranus, you’d be celebrating Summer Solstice once in 84 years! If you were on Mars, it would last for a day. But since we can’t be on any other planet, we have to celebrate it on Earth. And why not make the most of it? 

Summer Solstice falls on December 22nd in Australia this year and there will be over 14 hours of sunshine. Looking at some fun and mindful ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice? We have an exhaustive list of things that you can do. 

Spend time outdoors

Whether you want to soak in the sunshine or want to spend time in the garden, relax under some sunshine. You can also plan a family hike before the sun peaks or a fun-filled picnic with your family and friends in your backyard or at the beach. Want to do something more fun? Plan a barbeque or get the family to cook together using a solar cooker. We also have some good recipes that you can try! 

Want to add some more fun to spending time outdoors? You can ask children to set up a lemonade stall to beat the summer heat. From ginger flavoured lemonade to tangy mint ones. Or maybe they can make their own flavoured lemonade during the picnic. A good way to keep them busy and participate in the event. 

Watch the sunrise and sunset 

While you can do this every single day, the Summer Solstice is certainly a special day. And if you are someone who loves the outer space, spend a day at the local solarium where you watch the sun through the telescope. And as the sun sets and the stars show up in the velvet sky watch them too. A perfect set up for the astronomer in you. 

Plan for some food storing 

Let your fruits and vegetables not go waste anymore. Many a time we tend to buy in excess and because they are unused, vegetables and fruits are thrown way. A good way to preserve and give these foods a longer shelf is by solar drying them. Solar drying can be practiced using both natural and forced convection solar dryers. Solar drying is not just free because the sun shines in abundance for most of the year, but also because it is easily accessible and environment-friendly too. Want to read about how you can solar dry fruits and vegetables? Click here

Take time off

Take a break from the wired world, disconnect from the net and instead make a connection with nature. How about trying to stay away from the cell phone for those 14 hours of daylight and discovering a whole new way to live, love and laugh? Spend time in a park or going for a walk or better still settle with a book. Plan a gadget-free day. No more mindless scrolling or series binging. 

Donate and delight

Bring some sunshine into the lives of those who have lived in darkness for too long. Donate a nice piece of clothing, shoe, furniture, book or appliance and watch your own life light up with shared happiness.

Pick a solar gadget 

Take that first step towards making this planet a better place to live in by buying a solar gadget to relieve the pressure off our dwindling resources and helping the earth breathe better. If you are lost for choice, here is a list of solar powered gadgets that you can choose from.

Aren’t these some fun ways to celebrate Summer Solstice? Get ready to create these special moments as you gear up for over 14 hours of sunshine. Make happy memories. More the sunnier!

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