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Tesla Powerwall Buying Guide: Everything you need to know

Tesla has made a huge name in the automotive world, especially because of its battery technology, and the innovation does not stop there. As a company, Tesla has a wide range of other operations and products, out of which the Tesla Powerwall 2 is a home solar battery.

This energy storage has recently got a lot of hype, and here we will discuss if it is worth the hype.

How does the Tesla Powerwall Work?

Home energy storage units have been using traditional dry cell batteries or lead-acid batteries for a long time. Those are not as efficient as lithium-ion batteries. The Tesla Powerwall Australia makes the most efficient use of lithium-ion battery technology. Here the positive cathode and negative anode are separated using an electrolyte, just like a normal lithium-ion battery.

Working of the battery as a whole

The Powerwall 2 provides 5kW total output, which is more than enough for many homes. If you plan to use it commercially or your home needs more than one battery, then the Tesla Powerwall 2 supports daisy-chain usage for more efficiency. The best part about it is its 10-year warranty that brings peace of mind.

So, if you have a solar panel energy system, it will be your perfect choice. Adding a backup Powerwall will make things more efficient for blackouts. Another attractive fact about the Tesla Powerwall is that it comes in a slim size which comes easily in tighter spaces. It is only 1.15 meters by 0.75 meters, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor wall mounting.

Cathode and Anode of Tesla Powerwall Australia.

When we take a detailed look at the cathode and anode of the Powerwall, we note that the cathode is made from the following materials:

  • Lithium
  • Cobalt
  • Manganese
  • Nickel

So, it forms a LiNiMnCoO2 compound. Similarly, the anode is made with a compound as well that is the LiFePO4 compound and LiCoO2 compound, which are made with the following metals:

  • Lithium
  • Iron
  • Phosphate
  • Cobalt

Tesla Powerwall Australia Features with Mobile App

Most Tesla products, including their Automotives, are known for how the app increases its functionality. There is no doubt in saying that this technology from Tesla is what makes it lead the world. The Tesla Powerwall price Australia that you pay also brings you many functionalities and features. There is much more to it than just monitoring the system functions and the performance.

The mobile app you get when you pay for the premium Tesla Powerwall price brings more in-depth control options for you, which include the following modes:


If you want to save as much on electricity bills as possible, this mode is for you. The Powerwall focuses on providing power to the home from the free solar source before using electricity from the grid. Using it this way brings significant cuts to residential power bills.

Time-Based Control

Different parts of the world have different prices according to periods. So, you can use this mode to charge your Powerwall only at the off-peak rates. It means that you will be charging your battery for a cheaper price.

At the same time, you can utilize its power at the peak rates, so technically, you will not be paying for the peak time as long as the Powerwall meets your energy requirements.

Back-up only

The last mode here makes sure that you are always ready for blackouts. Here the Powerwall will keep itself fully charged. So, whenever there is a blackout, you can use power for weeks of efficiency usage when you have a solar panel home power system installed at your home.

Tesla Powerwall 2 technical features you need to know

The premium Tesla Powerwall price in Australia might be worth it, considering the technical features it brings. First, we will list some specifications and then move to the detailed features. Here are some specifications that you need to know:

  • 90% efficiency for round trip energy
  • 100% depth-of-discharge
  • 13.5kWh capacity
  • 5kW continuous and 7kW peak power delivery
  • Pure Sine Wave power output
  • IP67 resistance
  • -20 to 50 degree Celsius working temperature range

Independence with ample power

With its 13.5kWh power capacity and up to 5kW continuous power delivery, you can have independence. Whether you need to keep your EV battery topped up or power your home appliances, the Powerwall will provide seamless power.

Compact and Modern

Unlike many other solar batteries, the Tesla Powerwall Australia comes in a compact and modern design. It is perfect for floor installation and wall installation. The compactness and modernity are not only about the external appearance, but it is also smart from the inside. It provides a pure sine wave power output to keep your appliances running smoothly and efficiently.

Safe indoors and outdoors

The last benefit Tesla Powerwall price Australia brings you is its indoor and outdoor safety. The IP67 rating makes it resistant to water and dust. The Powerwall meets all the safety standards and regulations while connecting with a network of 10 Powerwall units at the same time. It is also perfect to use in harsh weather conditions ranging from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius with ease.

Pros and Cons of Tesla Powerwall 2: Explained

Everything has a good side and a bad side as well. So, for the best decision-making about Tesla Powerwall Australia, it is important to know about both sides of the story. Here are the pros and cons of Tesla Powerwall 2, which will help you decide better.


  • The product is designed to provide 100% depth-of-discharge, which means using up to its full potential
  • Comes with regulation certifications and meets local standards for safety
  • There is a huge peace of mind factor because Tesla is a huge name with a strong company network
  • You get a strong warranty offer which makes it even more reliable
  • The mobile application makes the usage extremely simple and easy yet effective
  • Installing the Powerwall takes you one step closer to a cleaner lifestyle with green energy


  • Its price may not be easy to meet for many users considering many cheaper alternatives are available
  • It may not be readily available even if you have no issues with Tesla Powerwall price in Australia
  • If your home has a 3-phase wiring system, you may face some issues as it supports only 1-phase systems.

By knowing these advantages and disadvantages, you can have a clearer thought process. Thus, it will help you decide whether it is worth the hype for your requirements or not.

Get your Tesla Powerwall today:

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