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Sungrow Inverter vs Fronius Inverter – which is better?

In this article, we will compare two of the most sought-after solar inverters in Australia – Fronius, and Sungrow. Both are world leaders in respect of construction quality and reliable performance.

Fronius inverter and Sungrow inverter – Comparison

1) Background

Fronius inverter – Fronius is a world-renowned Austrian solar inverter manufacturer which initially began as a battery repair and recharge shop. Fronius began research in the solar power realm and established itself as one of the best in solar inverters in the 1990s. With about three decades of expertise in the industry, Fronius is a highly esteemed global solar inverter maker today.

Sungrow inverter – Sungrow is a leading Chinese solar inverter manufacturer which was established in 1997 as a global specialist in PV inverters and power storage products for home, business, industrial, and utility-scale PV energy projects. Sungrow aims at innovation and advancement of renewable energy products. In the last several years, it has emerged as the swiftest expanding solar company which is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred inverter brands in Australia.

2) Price

Fronius Inverter – Fronius is a European brand of premium inverters offered at a higher price. The cost is based on the grounds of its high quality and performance, which come at a price.
Sungrow inverter – If you are after something more cost-effective, you can opt for a Sungrow inverter. Sungrow offers some high-performance and excellent-quality inverters at lower prices.

Fronius and Sungrow are the most highly recommended inverters for the best solar results in Australia. If you want an affordable solar inverter without compromising on performance, Sungrow is a great choice. Sungrow inverter reviews in Australia confirm its reliability. If price is not a priority, then the Fronius inverter would be an excellent choice.

3) Warranty

Fronius and Sungrow both come with a 10-year warranty.
Fronius inverter – The biggest selling point of the Fronius inverter is that it provides greater confidence to its customers because of its 30 years of experience in the industry. Fronius inverter reviews in Australia speak more about its quality, performance, and reliability than its advertising can.
Sungrow inverter – While Sungrow is newer than the long-standing Fronius, Sungrow inverters are well known for providing outstanding performance.
Due to excellent, reliable performance, Sungrow has become the second largest PV inverter maker on the globe, after Huawei inverters. Being second to Huawei inverters which have a brilliant worldwide reputation for strength and reliable performance, is a great accomplishment for Sungrow.

4) Performance

Fronius and Sungrow both offer an efficiency of or above 98%. Both have high-quality construction and are extremely reliable. Both companies offer excellent after-sales support and service which is proven by Fronius inverter reviews and Sungrow inverter reviews on online Australian forums.


While Fronius proves its reliability with its long-term standing of more than thirty years in the industry, Sungrow has attained a prestigious second spot as the largest manufacturer of solar inverters in the world, after the numero uno Huawei inverters. Fronius inverters have a low rate of failure and provide great service making them one of the best choices. Sungrow inverters come with a robust build and high performance at par with the very best Fronius inverters, at an affordable price point (also backed with excellent service).
Both are high-quality inverters with great performance at different price points to cater to different customers.
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