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Sun n Style: 14 must-haves in your wardrobe

For the 14 hours of sunshine on the summer solstice day, here’s a  list of 14 summer essentials that will solve the constant  predicament of ‘What should I wear?’


Summers are that time of the year when days are longer and spirits are at an all-time high. The summer of 21-22 promises to be different.

Are summer essentials really essential?

Investing in wardrobe essentials can enhance your style statement and make you look more polished, within no time. These are usually items that are in harmonized colours and can be paired with almost anything, making your wardrobe quite versatile.  This collection of essentials is streamlined and allows for various combinations. Wardrobe essentials can be timeless as well as trendy. 

Here are 14 must-haves in your wardrobe, that will keep off that sweltering heat and that too with style and panache. 

  1. Button-downs: Oversized, striped or blocked any which way the button-downs are a classic piece of clothing that you can never go wrong with. They are perfect for that sophisticated, semi-formal look.  
  2. T-shirts: Casual, comfortable and versatile. That’s a t-shirt for you. They are one of the best items in your wardrobe. Any colour will do but a white t-shirt is an excellent option- it can be paired with almost anything. 
  3. Shorts: Show-off your legs and stay cool in cut-offs this summer. Denims, rib knit or linen shorts are the staple of every summer wardrobe.
  4. Pants: Choose pants that are baggy, wide-legged and breezy. Material should be cotton or linen and if you can’t do without jeans then the skinny ones are an absolute no-no, instead, opt for the wide-legged, light-coloured ones. 
  5. Whites: Summers are the perfect time to show off the whites that you have. White pants, t-shirts and button downs are a must have in every wardrobe. They are super versatile and can be worn in combination with anything. 
  6. Dresses: Ideal for every occasion, dresses are a great summer option. Midis, minis, shirt dresses are all stylish as well as flattering. 
  7. Maxis: Summer calls for billowy and breezy clothes. Maxis are chic and fuss free. For the casual look wear flats and for the formal look just add heels and you are set to go.  
  8. Jumpsuit: Easy to slip on. And you do not have to spend long hours agonising over finding a suitable mix and match for it. The culotte-style is the most suitable for the heat wave. 
  9. Beachwear: Summers mean frequent trips to the beach. Buy a piece you are comfortable in, whether it is a one piece, bikini, bottoms, tees or a tank. Be swim ready with one. 
  10. Strap sandals: One of the best options that avoid sweaty feet. Airy and comfortable, strap sandals are great summer wear. 
  11. Masks: Masks aren’t going anywhere soon. So, choose your masks carefully and see to it that they are attractive and of breathable materials. 
  12. The carry-all-tote: Summers call for a larger than normal bag. Remember its summer so you need to carry your mask, sunscreen, sunspecs, water bottle in addition to your phone and wallet. 
  13. Hats: A good hat is not just stylish but it can be your saviour too. Hats for the summer need to be able to protect your face, ears, head and neck from the sun’s rays. Broad brimmed hats or bucket hats are advisable. 
  14. Shades: Sunglasses add that extra flair to your outfit and are an important item for sun protection. Choose sunglasses that are close fitting, preferably wrap around style and with an EPF rating of 9-10.  

To zero down on your essentials, get an idea about your own style and the fabrics you prefer. Only then make an educated choice depending on your preference. With these essentials in your wardrobe, you can quickly mix-and-match your outfits and make your style statement each time you step out. 

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