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Stars and Sunshine

Celebrities globally have a great impact on their fans. Right from what they are wearing, eating, driving, etc., fans are curious to know about everything. It is thus creditable and heartening that stars have grown ecologically responsible and are going solar. Knowing that your favorite star has switched over to a cleaner, greener and eco-friendly option should be inspiration enough for the masses. 

Meanwhile here’s a lowdown on who’s decided to do what in this area. The list below is not an exhaustive list, they are just a few names from the many who have chosen to contribute to a greener planet:

Jane Fonda 

The yesteryear star is perhaps the most vociferous environmental activist. So much so that she has been arrested multiple times for being a part of rallies protesting climate change. Her love for solar power is very evident in homes that she possessed. She built a solar friendly home as early as the 1980’s. The most talked of sprawling Beverly Hills mansion was majorly revamped to include eco-friendly features. Not in her possession now, the house had bamboo and cork floors, ventless fireplaces, UV windows, solar-heated swimming pool, and PV panels on the roof. 

Edward Norton 

Apart from being renowned for his acting and filmmaking skills, Edward Norton has gained fame for being an active environmental activist. He played an important part in the launch of ‘Solar Neighbors’ Program’. Whenever anyone signs up for the program and installs a solar panel on their roof, the program installs another for a low-income family in South Los Angeles. Other stars who have signed up for this program are Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson to name just a few. 

Julia Roberts

A great champion of green causes, the “pretty woman”, has renovated her Malibu home into a solar retreat. Julia has used recycled tiles and sustainable building materials for the whole renovation process. The solar panels installed in her home are made with sustainable features and cover three roof surfaces. 

Pierce Brosnan

The erstwhile James Bond has been inducted into the National Environmental Hall of Fame, for being a vehement supporter of a clean environment. His home in Los Angeles has many green features. The multiple solar panels on his home sell the surplus energy to the grid. He has a solar-powered compost heap, movement sensor lights, a recycling system and many more environment-friendly features in place on his property. 

Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio is a passionate advocate of green energy. The multiple Oscar winning star intensely promotes an environment friendly lifestyle. He is the founder of a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental awareness, and has produced several environmental documentaries.   Most of his homes are built with sustainability in mind with eco-friendly material. Apart from being green, one of his homes takes wellness to the next level with vitamin c infused showers, floors designed to support postures and lights that reduce jet-lag! His dedication to earth causes is so, that the set of the movie ‘Inception’ was entirely solar powered. 

Other celebs who have kept their carbon footprints in check are Danny DeVito, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Jack Johnson, Adele, Johnny Depp, Ian Somerhalder, Cate Blanchett, Daryl Hannah, Orlando Bloom, Tricia Helfer and more. 

Time clearly indicates that consciousness for the protection of Mother Earth is growing. The celebs have wealth on their side to completely transform their abodes to suit the environment needs. But if you want to go solar then you do not need a lot of money for the transition. Saving energy, reusing, recycling and adopting solar power can make all the impact that is desired. 

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