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Going solar just got easier. Check out our limited time offers that you can’t miss!

We know what you must be thinking, “Wouldn’t taking my business solar just add to my expenses?”. And maybe it would. With most other solar power providers that is. However, with our easy financing options, most chances are, it won’t.

For the longest time, installing a full-fledged solar system used to be a rather expensive affair. That was, until we took matters into our own hands.

We’re the nation’s favourite

We’ve just been voted amongst the top 3 residential solar power providers as per the Sunwiz report 2020, and with good reason. We enjoy a nationwide presence and boast of a catalogue of best-in-class products tailo-rmade for commercial properties.

Not just the best rates, we offer so much more

Our dominance in the market stems from a deep understanding of our customers. We understand setting up a commercial solar system is a hefty investment. Which is why, we offer a range of payment options to not put a strain on your wallet.

We offer

Opportunities to avail tax benefits when you invest in a solar system
A plethora of easy financing options
The option to lease a solar system
The option to avail the Power Purchase Agreement (no down-payment, only pay a tariff to your power provider at an agreed rate)