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Is the 6.6kW package for you?

A 6.6kW package is more than enough to potentially reduce your energy bills to almost $0 in a relatively short amount of time. If your residence is located in a place that enjoys decent sunshine and enough roof space for panels, look no further! What’s more, there’s no cap on the amount of panels you could install, other than the limit your inverter can handle.





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Get an entire 6.6kW package at a special price.

*Price after STC Discount for a standard metro installation.

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When you opt for the 6.6kW solar package you can be assured of premium, tier-1 panels that come with a 25-year warranty, WIFI-enabled inverter that comes with a 10-year warranty, along with tailor-made, personalized solutions for both residential and commercial properties from our team of experts.