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Solar so good

Solar gadgets and appliances can give you a taste of what it would be like to change completely to this new way of living.


Making a shift to solar energy for your homes is a big decision. What can help you edge towards it with more confidence is trying out individual solar gadgets or appliances so that you can gauge the difference they make and come to an informed decision. Because if they make your life even slightly better, you can be sure that going solar for your homes will transform your quality of living in a big way.

Before we begin, here’s a tip: The best time to use solar energy for your solar gadgets is between 9 am – 5 pm and especially when the sun peaks between 11 am – 3 pm. 

So here are some gadgets that could begin your journey with:

Solar chargers 

Solar chargers are used to power up your gadgets like phones, tablets, laptops and rechargeable batteries too. Solar chargers can use direct sunlight or be used as a solar socket that can be stuck on the window and they can also have a USB port that can be plugged into a normal socket. Very often these chargers are placed on backpacks to make the bags solar powered too and be of invaluable help for trekkers and hikers, as they trudge the mountains and forests.

Solar exhaust system for cars

The auto solar powered fan is a ventilator to help cool your car on a hot day. The vent unit is designed to be secure onto the top of a car window and it extracts hot air from inside to help cool the interior of the car. It’s an effective and economical way to ensure you keep your cool as you drive – a rare feat in today’s traffic jams. 

Solar garden lights

Power up on your lighting outdoors with solar powered lights. Not only will they jazz up your garden but also save you a pocketful in the long run. Plus you won’t have to deal with messy wiring on the lawn or pathway.  Solar lights for the garden are small lights that take the energy of the sun and convert it into light in the evening. Each light has one or two small photovoltaic cells on the top, which absorb energy from sunlight and convert it to a usable form. In these small solar lights, the energy of the sun is used to charge a battery. Once the sun goes down, a photoresistor registers the lack of light and turns on the light.This process repeats on a daily basis.

Solar watches 

These are pieces that will never run out of time as long as there is a sun above you. They are the most reliable and accurate time- keepers as they will continue to run, unless kept in complete darkness for a long period of time. Most importantly they save you the hassle of changing batteries every few months. 

Solar air conditioners

A solar-powered air con is dependent on the energy gathered by sunlight to power the system. By using the solar cells, the solar AC system works at converting the sun’s light energy into electricity which in turn powers the air con, allowing it to work off the grid. 

Do note that while these gadgets are solar powered, they come with an option to be charged in the conventional way via electrical sockets too. Most importantly, these solar powered products can help you start on your journey of living right and give you the confidence to go solar all the way.  

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