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Solar power and the Aussie flora and fauna

Does solar energy make life better for the wildlife?

Not much is left to be unearthed about the ravages of the fossil fuel industry on Mother Earth.

But does solar energy have the power to, if not reverse, at least not add to the woes of the land?

Keeps forest fires at bay

Forest fires have been a bane in Australia since time immemorial. However, in recent times, a majority of the fires can directly be linked to electrical transmission. Solar batteries help reduce the risk of fires by easing the stress on electrical transmission lines.

Keeps wildlife protected

Firstly, an installation of that size requires robust fencing. This fence is actually multifaceted. Not only does it do its intended job perfectly (in most cases), it also acts as an effective deterrent for disturbances like agriculture, residences, grazing and more.

Additionally, it also keeps out predators and enables plant regrowth.

Ensures minimum disturbance going forward

Solar installations also require no grading and can exist on existing terrain, therefore eliminating all grading-induced disturbances, which can be a lot.

Combats climate change

Much has been written about conventional sources of energy and how it accelerates climate change. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of cleaner sources of energy like Solar. Throughout history, climate change has been the solitary cause of extinction for a number of species. And now, with our ever-increasing demand for energy, climate change is occurring faster than ever.

But of course, there are cons, too

The main reservation here is to make room for an area sizable enough to accommodate the entire solar power installations. This unavoidable initial disruption to the ecosystem is a concern, but If nature has taught us anything, it is that while change is always met with trepidation at first, what needs to be assessed is the effect of the disruption in the lifestyles of the flora and fauna in the long run. But, any venture of this scale usually, neigh always comes with thorough planning, often involving stalwarts across a range of fields to ensure the least amount of damage to the ecosystem. Furthermore, whatever disruptions it brings about, they are extremely temporary and turn out to be beneficial in the long run.

In all solar energy comes from the same source as wildlife – nature. It’s time for the two to exist together and thrive.

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