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Solar power trends to watch out for in 2022

The future of solar power looks bright


Switching to renewable energy for a sustainable future has become a trend worldwide. But unlike the short-lived, viral social media trends, solar energy is here to stay for a very long time. 

Here’s the list of trends to watch out for, so that you don’t miss out on anything in 2022. 

 The sun’s getting viral 

Slowly and gradually the electric world is now turning up to be a solar one. Gadgets and technologies are getting introduced along with advancements in solar panels. From fairy lights to your big solar geysers, the sun is getting viral. Solar-powered equipment will be the buzzword in the world. There has been a decline in the prices of solar panels and batteries and it is going to continue. People are now swapping the traditionally powered products like generators, outdoor sensor lights, portable smartphone chargers, and many more products and switching to solar. 

The solar network  

Be ready to embrace the bright rays of the sun from dawn to dusk. Starting from your solar lights in the morning to brushing your teeth, cooking with solar cookers, charging your phone with solar chargers, solar air conditioning, using solar notebooks, traffic lights, solar-powered cars and more! The list is going to be exhaustive and endless! 

Affordable sun love 

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy is the cheapest source of electricity in some parts of the world. It is becoming an affordable and low-cost source to generate electricity across nations. In Australia, the cost is assumed to be lowered by 7% in the year 2022. Prices will fall as manufacturers become more innovative by relying on improved manufacturing techniques and materials to increase scale and efficiency. The innovation could also reduce high installation and maintenance costs. 

Photons- The new gold coins

Companies are adopting the many ideas of sustainable development. There is a gradual shift from the consumption of conventional sources of energy, to harnessing renewable sources of energies. And there are also companies that are investing in them. Business developers are taking advantage of federal tax credit and are trying to make more money out of it. Big brands in the market like Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Google and Target have started investing in solar power generation at an amazing pace. 

Competition in sustainability

It is no surprise that competition is great for consumers, as it tends to lower down prices. But competition in sustainability is advantageous for everyone, as the entire planet benefits from it. With an increase in incentives in the clean energy sector, more players are entering the market. As tax credits and incentives are becoming more and more mainstream, investors are doubling on investments to capture the largest share of the market. 

Sun’s the new trendsetter  

Imagine the traffic of solar-powered cars with big green lush trees and fresh air. That can soon become a reality, with nations aiming at reducing carbon emissions. With innovation in technology, solar energy can conveniently help countries achieve this goal in the near future. Our combined efforts to harness solar energy at an optimal level can help us build a brighter and a sustainable future. 

The efficient use of the sun’s power will soon be channelled into the world and a new network will be established. Are you ready to embrace solar power as you usher in 2022?

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