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Solar power? It’s child’s play

Fun activities that will make your kids fall in love with the sun.

Powering our lives with solar energy is the hottest new trend on the block. And why not? The sun is an incredible powerhouse that has the potential to save our planet. We just need to embrace it. The summer sun is out, so it is the perfect time to get to know it a little better. We have put together some fun projects that you can do with your kids to get them to fall in love with the sun and understand just how valuable solar energy can be.

 Solar Balloon

A solar powered hot air balloon isn’t just a dream anymore. However, we are starting out small by filling up your everyday party balloon with the power of the sun.

 What you need: A balloon, a soft drink bottle, water and black paint.

 What to do: Paint the bottle black and once dry fill it with water. Attach your balloon to the bottleneck and allow it to soak up some sun. Watch as the sun heats the water and slowly fills the balloon.

Voila! Your very own hot air pump.

 Pizza Box Oven

 Your ready-to-toss pizza box can actually be pretty useful. A few tweaks and you can transform it into a solar oven to whip up some nachos or s’mores for a backyard camp out.

 What you need: A pizza box, aluminium foil, plastic wrap, a sheet of black paper, pencil, utility knife, glue, a wooden skewer, shipping or electrical tape.

 What to do: Clean out the box and remove and liners that came with it. Draw a square on the lid, one inch inward from the edge. Carefully cut along three sides of the box, leaving the side running along the hinge untouched, to create a flap. Slightly fold the flap away from the box.

Line the inside of the flap with foil and fold the edges over it, gluing them in place. Keep it as smooth as possible. Seal the opening by covering each side with plastic wrap and tape it in place. Make sure there are no holes and the edges are completely sealed. Line the interior of the box with foil and place the black paper over it.

Place your food like chips and cheese or crackers and chocolate on a piece of foil and place it inside the box and close it. Place it outside in the sun and use the dowel to prop up the foil-covered flap so that it reflects light onto the plastic wrap window. If required, you can prop up the hinged side of the box with a book for a better angle.

Just sit back and let your oven cook up a delicious snack.

Sun Tea

Fancy a cuppa? Let the sun brew it for you.

What you need: A large jar, water and tea bags.

What to do: Fill the jar with water and add your tea bags (at least 2). Place it in the sun and allow it to steep for at least three hours, gently shaking it at intervals. 

There you have it, your sun brewed tea is ready to serve. You can even leave it out longer if you like your tea strong.

These are but a few examples of how you teach your kids about harnessing solar power, and if enjoy them there is so much more out there that you can try too. So go on, have a little fun with the sun.

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