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Shining the light on truth

Solar power is light and heat from the sun that is harnessed and converted into thermal or electrical energy. Sun is an infinite source of energy and solar energy is also one of the cleanest and renewable energy sources. As long as there is sun, there will be an abundance of energy. 

Though there has been a marked rise in people opting for solar power for their energy needs, there continues to be some myths surrounding it. We attempt to bust some of them in this blog.

Myth 1: You can only generate solar power when the climate is warm

Reality: Solar panels continue working even when the conditions are cloudy or rainy. The fact is solar panels use the sun’s light and not the heat to harness energy and very high temperatures reduce the productivity of the panels. Also, one can store the additional energy produced in hot months in the form of energy credits and use it during times when comparatively less energy is produced. 

Myth 2: Solar panels are easily damaged by natural elements 

Reality: Solar panels are covered by toughened glass and are not easy to break. They are made to endure harsh weather conditions, be it a storm or heavy rain. They are durable and last for years together.

Myth 3: Solar panels can harm your roof

Reality: This is one of the biggest myths. Rather than damage the roof, solar panels actually protect your roof from harsh weather conditions and birds. Also, the installation of the solar panels can be customized as per the kind of roof you have.

Myth 4: Solar energy is very expensive

Reality: It may have been at one time. But of late, with more awareness of the environmental and cost benefits of going solar, and increased investments in solar panels, they have become cheaper and more affordable. Also, several countries offer attractive solar financing options with tax incentives to make solar energy more viable. Plus, the return on investment on solar panels is high as they hardly require any maintenance once installed. 

Myth 5: It is difficult to install solar panels and maintain them

Reality: In fact, it is quite simple to install solar panels and they are rather sturdy. Since the panels are merely mounted on the roof and not attached, even if your roof is in need of repairs after the installation, it is easy to remove the panels and carry out the repairs. The gaps between the rooftop and the panels are filled with sealants, making them secure. All you have to do to maintain them is clean off the dust from the panels at regular intervals and continue enjoying clean energy for years. 

Myth 6: I cannot use solar power if I don’t own a house

Reality: Again, so not true! If you are not a house owner, you can take advantage of community solar initiatives to use solar energy. This allows people in neighbouring areas to share the solar arrays which are installed off site, while sharing the cost of installation. It is a hassle free and an affordable option. There you go! These are some of the most common myths that surround solar energy. And the reality. The time to go solar is now. Reach out to us and our team of experts will guide on all that you need to go solar.  

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