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Rise with the sun

Light up your life with these tips


In Australia we all love to soak up the sun. Sunshine in the right dose can do wonders for your health and well-being!  Amongst other things, the Sun has the power to give you Vitamin D. Vitamin D does not come from food but from the sun. Exposure to sunlight helps to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin too! Besides mood boost and increasing Vitamin D levels, there are several health benefits associated with catching moderate amounts of rays. Find creative ways to spend time in the sun…

Regular activities outdoors

Few minutes of the sun, leads to a day of energized fun! Spend time outdoors. A few minutes of Sun exposure (make sure to consult your doctor for the right amount) can be beneficial for your Vitamin D levels. Cycling, hiking, working on your laptop in the balcony/terrace, conducting outdoor meetings, meditating, reading a book or just walking are some of things you can do to get your time outdoors.

Family activities in the sun

Board games & Breakfast outdoors, taking the kids to the beach & park, gardening, visiting the farmers’ market, playing tag, flying a drone, are some of the things to do to spend time with family in the sun. 

Fun in the sun with friends

Call your besties, get into the car, and visit the beach or a mountain, a field or a lake.

Perfect time to install solar panels, solar batteries, solar inverters 

Embrace the solar power! There are statistics that prove and there is no denying the fact – summer is indeed the best season in Australia in terms of solar generation. This is thanks to longer average days, which means more sunlight for your panels to turn into free electricity. More power to solar energy in Australia!

Tips to enjoy a Sun Safe Summer

  • Know your destination’s UV risk – Beaches or outdoors are the place to get a sunburn. Mountains, basically high-altitude trekking, are the places where most sunburns happen, due to increased levels of UV radiation exposure at high altitudes. 
  • Carry those sunglasses.
  • Use Broad Spectrum Sun Screen.
  • Download the UV index App – Since Australia faces a lot of sunshine, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology issues an alert when the UV index is more than the normal level. Level 3 and above of UV index is harmful and quantifies as a risk for sun damage. The Cancer Council also has an UV Alert app for smartphones. (
  • Wear the right clothing – Hold your t-shirt up to the sun, the less light passing through the clothing, the more sun resistant it is.
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat that can protect your face and neck. 
  • Avoid standing or sitting in direct sunlight, a simple tip is to move in the shade
  • Protect your little ones, teach them to be sun smart – sunscreen, hats, wear clothes that protect their skin.

Remembers the S5 formula whenever you go outdoors

  • Slip protective clothing
  • Slather Sunscreen (Use the right one)
  • Slap on a Hat
  • Seek shade wherever and whenever you can
  • Slide on the right sunglasses

With a little protection and safety, you can enjoy the sun! 


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