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Mistakes to avoid when buying solar in Queensland

Today it is more crucial than ever before to switch to a more sustainable and ecological energy source as the environment is already facing issues like global warming, pollution, and depletion of fuel sources.

Solar power is the present and future of clean, renewable energy and people are loving it for its numerous benefits. Electricity prices are always rising and more people are contemplating switching their homes to solar power.

Mistakes to avoid when buying solar

Let us look at some common mistakes residents make while buying solar in Queensland.

1) Postponing for battery prices to drop

Many people are delaying investing in solar for the battery prices to fall. It is true that battery prices are estimated to decline over the future years, but it is not smart to wait to go solar as you are delaying savings as you continue to pay big electricity bills. You are also losing out on the financial incentives and federal solar tax credits which are slowly eliminating.

A well-planned out system that has the best quality solar panels and solar inverters in Australia can considerably reduce your utility bills. Awaiting cheaper batteries is making you lose years of savings with your solar and also the solar rebates in Queensland.

2) Not exploring multiple solar quotes in Brisbane, Queensland

When you consider quotes from the best solar companies in Brisbane, you get a breakdown of the solar system’s cost. You can determine if solar suits your budget and whether or not a seller is trying to mislead you about the price or quality of the solar components.

3) Lack of awareness regarding solar rebates and payback period

People often have the misconception that they would not have to pay any more electricity bills after they switch to solar, but this isn’t true. Actually, their electricity bills will be considerably reduced with the help of solar power. The solar system will pay off the cost of the solar panels in Queensland within the first 5 to 10 years after which the savings will continue to benefit the buyer for 25 more years.

4) Not knowing enough about the warranties

Some installers deceive solar buyers with wrong warranty information. For example, demanding a maintenance fee to keep the warranty. To steer clear of such cons, it is important to know the warranties well.

a) There is a 10-year product warranty on your solar panels. A few panel companies give a 25-year product warranty. It covers manufacturing faults for the warranty period.

b) Performance warranty on panels which is generally 25 years while some panel brands offer 30-plus years. It assures maximum efficiency for the warranty period.

c) A workmanship warranty that covers the defects in the installation of the panels and inverter at the premises.

d) A 10-year product warranty on your inverter that covers any build defects for the warranty period.

5) Not verifying information

Enough research and verification are required before making the decision to buy the best solar panels in Australia in 2022 so that you are not cheated. Always verify the information provided by the solar companies in Brisbane and Gold Coast regarding their products and installation procedures by checking their online solar reviews, testimonials, and forums in Australia.

6) Not knowing the right system size for you

Before providing you with the best solar quote in Brisbane, a reputed solar provider will analyse your energy usage, financial goals, budget, roof space and direction, energy bills, what system size is allowed in your area, and all your state laws regarding solar installation. Only after all of these considerations will they recommend you the best solar system suited to your needs.

7) Assuming solar is not for you if your roof does not face north or gets some shade

Solar is still profitable for you if your roof does not face north. The efficiency will only be 10% lesser. Depending on what part of the day you use the most electricity, east or west-facing modules could be more fruitful for you. East is great for heavy morning usage while the west is excellent for heavier evening usage.

Shade on your roof can obstruct sunlight and reduce energy production but it depends on what time it occurs and for how long. In many cases, shade can be altered. Thus, getting your roof analysed by a solar expert before deciding against getting solar is important.


Avoiding the mistakes people often make before buying solar, can take you closer to making huge savings while doing your bit for the environment.

So don’t wait anymore and get in touch with Solar Power Nation today for the best deals on top solar panels and inverters in Australia 2022!

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