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Long days equals to lots of fun!

Gear up to celebrate the longest day of the year with fun things. 


It is that time of the year when the spirit of festivities is high as people gear up for a month long of celebrations. But before Christmas sets in, Australia gears up for the Summer Solstice. With the longest day of the year falling on December 22, the month only got better. And not to mention there is soaking in the 14 hours of sunshine this Solstice. 

There’s a lot you can do to make the longest day of the year a fun one while also being thankful for the limitless bounty that the sun offers. 

What is summer solstice?

Derived from the Latin word solstitium, which can be broken down as sol (sun) and stitium (standing), which literally means ‘the sun stands still’. On summer solstice, the sun is at its highest point in the sky. It is the longest day in the year, making it a day with most daylight hours in the entire year. 

Summer solstice has various traditional significance all over the world. While in some parts it is associated with fertility and abundance, for others it is about worshipping and celebrating the sun. 

However, for most people, the longest day of the year is an opportunity to make most of the long daylight by planning outdoor activities, and spending time outdoors. 

Here are some fun activities you can indulge in on the longest day of the year:

Sun Salutations: With the sun in its full splendour, why not start practising the yoga asanas that are meant to be salutations to the power of the sun? Popularly known as the surya namaskar, these yoga asanas not only have several health and mental benefits, but is a beautiful way to honour the sun. 

Connect with nature: Plan a fun day outdoors. Start with watching the sun rise, go hiking, or organise a picnic, bask in the sun by the lake or a park– make it a memorable day by becoming one with nature and enjoying the energy emanating from the sun. 

Organise a Bonfire: Invite your friends for a cosy time around the bonfire. Indulge in a barbeque, because it’s fun! Play some great music and bond with your friends and family.  

Eat Healthy: Make the most of the season’s harvest by making a trip to the farmer’s market and stocking up on fresh produce. There is a reason why “sun coloured” veggies are famous during the Solstice!  Have friends and family over for a delicious and healthy treat.

Make Resolutions: Why wait for the new year to set resolutions? Let’s start early. Make the longest day of the year meaningful by introspecting, setting future goals – be it your career or self-improvement. There can’t be a better day than the summer solstice to review, recentre and reprioritize your life. 

Have Gratitude: Be thankful for the abundance life has blessed you with and show gratitude by giving back to the less privileged. 

The day is not over until the sun sets. Mark the end of the joyful day with your loved ones watching the beautiful sun go down the horizon. Make the most of this longest day as 2021 is nearing to an end. Create memories and spend it to your fullest.

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