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Let the sun shine on your business

Exploring commercial applications of solar power.


With nations all over the world striving to achieve net zero, it is time for businesses, schools, government organisations and other set-ups to rethink the way they operate. Resorting to solar power for commercial energy requirements can be a great sustainable alternative while also helping cut down energy costs. It is increasingly being seen as an investment because of the money it will save your business after the initial installation cost is taken care of. And thanks to a thumping endorsement of solar energy worldwide, solar panel installation costs are said to have fallen more than 70% over the last decade, making it a viable option for more and more commercial users. That big corporations like Amazon, Google, Target, IKEA, and Apple, among others, have gone solar says a lot about the power of the sun and its energy.

Commercial solar panels 101

Commercial solar panels are an array photovoltaic (PV) solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity. When brought in for commercial use, where electricity requirements are high, solar panels will have a large number of solar arrays to help produce more electricity. Solar panels can be installed wherever there is enough space – roof tops, parking lots, or they can even be fitted on poles or building fronts, ensuring a clean and renewable source of energy.

Uses and benefits of commercial solar panels

Commercial solar panels have multiple uses. From powering entire industrial buildings to lighting up sign boards with the help of solar charged batteries, to heating water in industrial spaces, these are being adopted by several big corporations with great success. What’s more, installing solar panels on commercial premises also increases the value of your property.

 Farming with solar energy

 Apart from businesses, solar energy can also come to the rescue of the agricultural sector. For farmers who depend on grid electricity to pump water for irrigation, the solar water pump is a more sustainable and dependable option, without having to function on the whims of intermittent electricity supply.

So, let’s take a step ahead to cooperate with the world’s efforts towards sustainability by adopting the solar way of life.


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