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How to live a solar powered life

Let the sun bring some shine into your life


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Are you looking at ways to include the goodness of sunshine in your life? Sunrays are the most abundant source of energy and when you can harness it in various aspects of your daily routine, you should! Here are some tips to embrace the power of the sun and lead a solar powered life whether you are at the office or your home. 

Install a Skylight 

Skylights are a natural source of light without you having to use electricity. And one of the biggest advantages of a skylight is solar heat. There are multiple benefits of installing a skylight at home. It promotes natural ventilation as most skylights can be open. Skylights bring in the natural warmth of the sunrays and can save on heating costs. 

Use Solar Charged Devices

What if you could power up your devices without using electricity? Using electricity could become a thing of the past with the new technological advancements that allow solar enabled laptops and phones. All you need to do is walk around in the sun to power up your devices using sunlight. There are other solar powered gadgets available in the market that you can consider for home and office. 

Use a Solar Cooker

Meals cooked in a solar cooker taste as good as the ones cooked in a conventional cooking range. Solar cookers were an innovation that was targeted to help one cook outdoors using solar energy. Solar cookers do not require the intervention of gas, firewood or charcoal. The heat of the sun is enough to cook a meal.  Mounted with solar panels on the side, that helped absorb the heat from the sun, the solar cookers were used to cook simple as well as complex meals. From boiling eggs to getting a barbeque ready, or cooking a simple meal there is a lot you can do with the solar cooker. 

Plan Activities in the Sun

Apart from the peak hours of 11am to 3pm, you can plan regular activities for yourself and your family to get the most sunshine in your life. 

  • Plan a trek in the early morning or later in the day with your family to bond together. 
  • If you have space for gardening, grow your own vegetables. There is nothing as therapeutic as spending time with plants and absorbing sunshine.
  • Have a picnic in the backyard. You can cook some delicious meals in the solar cooker. 

Living a solar powered life is more than just stepping out to catch some sunshine to give you an extra boost of energy. It is all about embracing sunshine in as many ways as you can to tap in the abundant source of energy that will never dim its light.  

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