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Journey of a Solar Buyer

You obviously want the best from a product you invest your money in. Therefore, it is crucial to have the right knowledge of a solar plant, its cost, components, and brands, and the ability to decipher the best solar quotes offered by the top solar companies in Australia.

In order to best evaluate the solar deals you are offered, you must go through these vital steps to choose the best solar system for your property.

Steps in the journey of a solar buyer

1) Reviews and references

Online solar reviews in Australia are the best way to understand a company’s reputation. While the company’s online ratings may be manipulated by the seller’s own allies, online reviews of existing users provide a better discernment of the company’s authenticity.

You can even ask the solar company for references from their previous clients to make sure they have a good service track record.

2) Understanding the quotes

Many solar companies in Australia will give you their solar quotes. But how can you tell if you are being quoted genuine prices for quality equipment?

The main objective of every company is to sell you solar. So sometimes in order to grab the client, they may quote a price so low that the customer might miss the crucial criteria of selection which is the quality of the products and of the installation.

A genuine solar company’s approach will not be to push you. They will genuinely assess your requirements first. And only then recommend the system most appropriate for your home and budget.

Your online research about solar companies through their reviews will help you here. They will tell you about the quality of their products and services. Also, by comparing the various solar quotes in Australia you will get a fair idea of the product prices.

3) Selecting the right brands

The best options in solar panels and inverters in Australia must be weighed upon important factors which are:

a) Performance

You must take into consideration how the panels perform in extreme temperatures and shaded conditions and how they will degrade over time.

As your inverter is responsible for converting D/C energy to A/C energy that your household uses, its performance dictates the energy output your home receives as electricity.

b) Efficiency

You must gather information about your home energy usage and then decide if you want to invest in high-efficiency or low-efficiency solar panels in Australia.

Sometimes, when a household’s usage is low, going for high-efficiency panels is a waste of money. On the other hand, where usage is high, high-efficiency panels will save you more on electricity bills and their payback will be faster.

The same goes for a solar inverter. The higher its efficiency rating the higher its overall output.

c) Warranty

Understanding the warranties well is critical for the solar buyer to avail claims and not get cheated by fraudulent installers. The longer the warranties the better the protection. However, you must read online reviews to find brands that honour their warranties and have a good reputation in the market.

Investing in Tier1 companies’ products is often advised to make sure they will be around for the warranty period to service their warranty.

d) Cost

Equipment brands must be selected after a cost-benefit analysis. There are premium brands as well as budget brands in the solar market. While the premium brands come with excellent quality and warranties, they also come at a higher price. Some budget brands also supply high-quality, robust solar equipment which is way more cost-efficient.

Therefore, analysing your needs and your budget first will help you decide which brands you want to invest in.

4) After-installation service and support

You want the best solar deal in Australia and start saving from your solar for 25-plus years. However, for electrical equipment to function smoothly for so many years, regular maintenance will be required. And the best solar packages in Australia will include post-installation services for regular maintenance and timely aid in case a fault arises.

Choosing a reliable installer will go a long way in the successful functioning of your solar for decades. By getting in touch with the previous clients of the company, you can gather information about the quality and agility of their after-installation services.


We tried to understand the journey of a solar aspirant in this article. All the points that we discussed require good research on your part before buying solar. Verifying all the information that the solar vendors provide you will ensure that the system you buy is of good quality and is genuinely priced.

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