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Jinko Solar Panels: A Buyer’s Guide and In-Depth SPN Review

Blog updated on 26th February’2024

Solar panels have become integral to smart homes. Solar panels make your home more valuable and improve its overall aesthetic. Roof-top solar power has become a top-rated option in Australia regarding power-generating capabilities. Approximately one out of every three homes in Australia now has solar panels on top. As per Clean Energy Report, solar panels combine for about 20 gigawatts (GW) of power capacity in Australia, and as per Clean Energy Regulator, Australia another 10 GW are expected to be installed in the country in the next 3 years.

This data-driven information highlights the popularity of solar panels is sky-high right now in Australia. So, it is the right time to make your homes more energy efficient and visually appealing!

You might be thinking about which brand of solar panels you should get for your home. Worry no more because we’re here to review the best solar panel manufacturer. When searching for reliable solar panels for your home, you might come across Jinko solar panels.

Jinko Solar is one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers that aim to deliver the highest quality products at competitive rates. The manufacturers are famous worldwide for producing reliable solar panels for commercial and residential applications.

But are the Jinko solar panels worth the hype? How do they compare with other world-class brands? And are Jinko solar panels an ideal option for your home? We will review these panels comprehensively to help you decide about Jinko solar panels. Our impartial Jinko solar panels review will cover these products’ features, models, prices, and specifications.

Jinko Solar Panels: A Quick Summary :

  • Jinko Solar is a tier 1 brand from China and one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world.
  • Jinko Solar offers high-end solar panel models to satisfy commercial and residential needs.
  • Jinko solar panels boast a high energy efficiency (22.3%).
  • The manufacturers provide cutting-edge solar panels at affordable rates.
  • The warranties of Jinko solar panels could be better.

About Jinko Solar :

 Jinko Solar first originated in 2006. The company has become the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer within a decade. Jinko Solar is headquartered in China, but it is a vertically integrated corporation employing more than 15,000 people in 70 countries. In addition, Jinko Solar has manufacturing facilities in China, the United States, and Malaysia.

Jinko Solar is a giant manufacturing company that ships as many as one of every 10 solar panels installed globally. The manufacturer excels from the competitors due to its high-quality products and top-notch customer services. The company is a Tier 1 manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, such as solar wafers, solar cells, and solar panels.

Jinko Solar has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2010, with the ticker symbol JKS. Jinko Solar reported more than $6 billion in global revenue in 2021.

Production Locations of Jinko Solar :

 Although Jinko Solar is supposed to do most of its manufacturing in China, it also has production facilities in 10 other countries, including the United States and Malaysia. The company has a 400 MW factory located in Florida. It also has a full-service office located in San Francisco.

Presence in Australia :

Jinko Solar has head-office in 2A 152 Marsden St, Parranmatta NSW 2150. Jinko has warehouse in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. In Australia, Jinko Solar has a complete sales and support team, which helps users get the answers to their queries instantly. You may contact them at and phone +61 1300 326 182.

Jinko Solar Panels: Ratings and Reviews :

Homeowners and solar experts highly appreciate Jinko solar panels for their world-class performance. The following rating and reviews of Jinko Solar panels help you ensure the effectiveness and suitability of these products:

  • Sustainability Leader Award :

Jinko Solar has been awarded as a sustainability leader by Green World Awards 2022. They have also earned the #1 spot in the environmental sustainability scorecard issued by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition.

  • Real Customer Reviews and Installations by Solar Power Nation


    jinko solar installations by spn,australia

Jinko Solar has an excellent consumer review score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. This rating is based on the reviews of 7000+ homeowners. This Jinko solar panels review Australia highlights that the panels deliver excellent value to consumers. Solar Power Nation boasts 30,000+ solar system installations across Australia. Our installation photos above offer a transparent glimpse into the quality of our work.

Feedback from our valued clients is overwhelmingly positive. Goodwe inverters stand out, not just for their performance but also for the minimal after-service complaints. Trust in Solar Power Nation and Goodwe is a step towards a sustainable future.


Allan Wong, Picnic Point, NSW 2213
“Upgrading to a 10.6 kW solar system with Jinko panels through Solar Power Nation was a game-changer for our household. The installation process was seamless, and the team was professional from start to finish. Our energy bills have significantly dropped, and we’re thrilled with the performance. Highly recommend!”

Michael Elhen, Mount Annan, NSW 2567
“I had a fantastic experience installing a 13.2 kW solar system. The Solar Power Nation team was knowledgeable, efficient, and made the whole process worry-free. The Jinko panels are top-notch, and I’ve already seen a drastic decrease in my energy costs. A great investment!”

Abraham Thomas, Chisholm, NSW 2322
“Choosing Solar Power Nation for our 13.2 kW solar installation was the best decision we’ve made. The service was exceptional, and the Jinko panels are performing beyond our expectations. It’s satisfying to produce our own clean energy and save money at the same time!”

Devan Kotze, Murrumba Downs, QLD 4503
“Installing a 10.12 kW system with Solar Power Nation was a smooth and informative process. The team was supportive throughout, and the Jinko solar panels are incredibly efficient. Our power bill has significantly reduced, and we’re very happy with the outcome.”

Anand Parameswaran, Seven Hills, NSW 2147
“From consultation to installation, Solar Power Nation provided excellent service. Our 10.12 kW system with Jinko panels was installed flawlessly, and we’ve been enjoying reduced electricity bills ever since. Their team is truly committed to customer satisfaction, though the follow-up support could be a bit more prompt.”

Megan Lane, Peregian Springs, QLD 4573
“I’m extremely pleased with my 6.6 kW solar system from Solar Power Nation. The installation was quick, and the team was very professional. The Jinko panels have been a great addition to our home, offering significant savings on our energy bills. Just wish the initial consultation was a bit more detailed.”


Pros and Cons of Jinko Solar Panels :

Pros :
  • Competitive warranties
  • Affordable prices
  • Excellent durability
  • Strong brand reputation
  • Australian presence
  • Higher efficiency
  • Approved by the Clean Energy Council
  • Excellent quality control
  • A full range of solar panels for commercial and residential structures
Cons :
  • Newer manufacturer compared to other brands

Range of Jinko Solar Panel : 

Jinko Solar has been in the market for over 15 years, delivering the best quality products worldwide. The company has developed various solar panels for different structures, including commercial, residential, and utility-scale installations.

Some famous mono-crystalline Jinko solar panel series include:

1. Swan Bifacial Series :

Jinko swan bifacial module australia

The Swan Bifacial series of Jinko Solar has been the industry’s hottest topic after scooping the European Intersolar Award for innovation. This series incorporates the features of Cheetah HC, half-cut cell technology with a transparent back sheet. The Swan Bifacial series is also lighter than other glass modules.

The Swan Bifacial series features two types of solar panels which are:

  • Transparent Backsheet HC 5 Bus Bar-72 Cell.
  • The Dual Glass HC 5 Bus Bar-72 cell with frame.

This series is more robust and powerful than other modules. It generates up to 400W from the front side, with 20% generating around the rear sides. The power output of the Swan Bifacial series is also 20 to 30% higher than the regular mono-facial modules.

Features of the Swan Bifacial Series : 

  • Solid Mechanical Support

The Swan Bifacial series solar panels are manufactured with enough mechanical strength to support a 2400-pascal wind load and 5400-pascal snow load.

  • PID Resistance

The PID-resistance feature of the Swan series ensures a limited power Jinko solar panel degradation for mass production. This series can also handle high-voltage systems of up to 1500VDC.

  • Excellent Warranty

The power degradation of the Swan Bifacial series stands at 0.5%, with a linear power warranty of 30 years.

  • Excellent Performance

The higher IRR and lower LCOE capabilities of Jinko solar panels ensure excellent performance in low-light environments.

  • Improved Power Output

The module power of the Swan series panels can improve by 5 to 25% per the different reflective conditions. In addition, the efficiency of these panels can go as high as 19.78%.

Like the Cheetah series, the Swan Bifacial series also implements Five Buster solar cells to improve the panels’ efficiency and aesthetics. You can use these modules in various design solutions, including carports, sunrooms, highways, sun-track mounts, and desert-covered circumstances.

2. Tiger Series

jinko tiger series australia

The Tiger series is considered the most potent range of Jinko solar panels. These modules feature two shingle-cell solar panels of two different types:

  • Tiger Monofacial
  • Tiger Bifacial

The Tiger series is a next-generation panel that utilises the N-type mono-crystalline cells of Jinko to boost its efficiency and performance. Jinko’s Research and Development team uses a tiling ribbon technology of a 78-cell design to develop the highest quality solar panels. This technology increases the power generation capabilities of the Tiger series by facilitating the reutilization of light absorption.

Features of the Tiger Series : 

  • 9 Buster Solar Cells

Unlike the Cheetah series, the Tiger series features 9 busbars to reduce the distance between the finger grid lines and bars. 9 busbars also decrease the resistance power loss, ultimately improving efficiency.

  • Induced Degradation

The Tiger series features N-type cells with lower light-induced degradation than P-type cells.

  • Tiling Ribbon Technology

Thanks to the tiling ribbon (TR) technology and the half-cell design, these modules have lower cell gaps and improved efficiency.

  • Excellent Warranties

All the panels of the Tiger series come with a 30-year linear performance warranty and a 25-year product warranty.

  • Weather Resilience

The Tigers series can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as wind load (2400pa) and snow load (5400pa).

  • Excellent Low-Light Performance

The Tiger series improves shedding tolerance using Half Cell technology. It helps panels perform excellently in early mornings, cloudy and dusky conditions.

Along with superior performance, these modules degrade by 1% during the first year and then maintain a linear degradation of 0.4% for the subsequent years.

3. Tiger Pro Series :

jinko tiger pro, australiaThe Tiger Pro series from Jinko Solar is the world’s most potent utility solar panel. These modules can deliver the power of up to 580Wp with an ultra-high p-type mono-module efficiency of about 21.6%.

Features of Tiger Pro Series : 

  • Like the Tiger series, Tiger Pro utilises Half Cell + Tiling Ribbon technologies to eliminate gaps and improve efficiency.
  • The series has much lower light-induced degradation.
  • The series utilises 9 busbars instead of 5 busbars.
  • The Tiger Pro series has a 30-year linear power warranty and a 25-year product warranty.
  • The series can withstand a wind load of 2400 pascals and a snow load of 5400 pascals.
  • The Tiger Pro series can save you around 1.41% of land space.

The higher compatibility of the Tiger Pro series is another significant differentiator. These panels are easily compatible with multiple mounting systems and inverters.

(Jinko 425W-445W Tiger Pro P Type panels have been recently launched and 415W Tiger Pro P type is discontinued in Australia from August 2023 onwards)

4. Tiger Neo Series :

jinko tiger neo N typeTiger Neo series is the latest wonder of Jinko Solar, built on high-performance TOPCon cell technology. This latest iteration in Jinko’s range of solar panels is designed to deliver maximum value to consumers. TOPCon cells used in the Tiger Neo series are made using a pure N-type cell substrate. These cells are constantly emerging as the new industry standard due to their improved efficiency compared to standard P-type cells.

The range of the Tiger Neo series varies from mid-size 460W panels to high-power 620W panels. The larger Neo panels are designed to fulfill the needs of large-scale solar farms. Thanks to the high-density cell format of the Tiger Neo series, these panels come with an impressive efficiency of 22.3%. This latest series is available in various sizes, including 54, 60, 72, and 78-cell formats. Jinko 475W N-type panel is the top-rated product of the manufacturer due to its reduced degradation potential.

Features of Tiger Neo Series :

  •  Multi-Buster Technology

The latest series of the Jinko Solar features a multi-buster technology for improved power output and reliability.

  • PID Resistance

The excellent PID-resistance performance of the Tiger Neo series ensures an optimized mass-production process.

  • Enhanced Mechanical Load

With its enhanced mechanical strength, the Tiger Neo series is certified to withstand a wind load of 2400 pascals and a snow load of 5400 pascals.

  • Excellent Performance

The outstanding performance of the Tiger Neo series makes it the best iteration of the Jinko’s solar panels’ range. With 1% degradation in 1st year and 0.4% annual degradation, the neo series seems subsequently outstanding.

Jinko Tiger Neo N type and Tiger Neo Satin N type (All black module) are the recently launched panel models by Jinko Solar.

New Solar Panel Models From Jinko

Model VersionJKM425N-54HL4R-VJKM430N-54HL4R-VJKM435N-54HL4R-VJKM440N-54HL4R-VJKM445N-54HL4R-V
Maximum Power (STC)425 W430 W435 W440 W445 W
Maximum Power Voltage32.18 V32.38 V32.59 V32.81 V33.02 V
Maximum Power Current13.21 A13.28 A13.35 A13.41 A13.48 A
Module Efficiency STC (%)21.27%21.52%21.77%22.02%22.27%
Operating Temperature-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC
Product Warranty25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years
Performance Warranty30 Years30 Years30 Years30 Years30 Years
Model VersionJKM420N-54HL4R-BJKM425N-54HL4R-BJKM430N-54HL4R-BJKM435N-54HL4R-BJKM440N-54HL4R-B
Maximum Power (STC)420 W425 W430 W435 W440 W
Maximum power current13.06    A13.13 A13.20 A13.27 A13.34 A
Open-circuit voltage32.16 V32.37 V32.58 V32.78 V32.99 V
Module Efficiency STC (%)21.02%21.27%21.52%21.77%22.02%
Operating Temperature-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC-40 ºC ~ +85 ºC
Product Warranty25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years25 Years
Performance Warranty30 Years30 Years30 Years30 Years30 Years

Jinko Solar Panel  Specifications :

Tiger Neo 415W

Tiger Neo 460 to 480W



Cell Type

N-Type Mono Crystalline

N-type Mono Crystalline



Cell Number


120 (6 x 20)


156 half-cut cells

Performance Warranty

30 years

30 years

30 years

30 years

Product Warranty

25 years

25 years

12 years

25 years


20.8 kg

24.2 kg

26.6 kg

26.1 kg


1855 x 1029 x 30 mm

1903 x 1134 x 30 mm

2031 x 1008 x 30 mm

2182 x 1029x 40 mm

Annual Power Degradation





Power Voltage





Jinko Solar Panels Price : 

Jinko Solar is famous for delivering the finest-quality solar panels at competitive price range. 

Here are the latest prices updated on 26th February ‘2024. Contact our sales team for accurate quote as per your home.

It is worth mentioning that the above figures are just the estimated cost. The actual price may vary depending on several factors, such as:

S.noSystem sizeJinko Tiger Neo 415 W Solar Panels (Prices in AUD)
16.6 kw (1p)3,0003,0003,5004,5003300
29.9 kw (1p)4,3004,3005,30062004,800
313.2 kw (3p)5,5005,500650070005,800

  • Government incentives
  • Installers fee
  • Size of the panel
  • Type of the panel
  • Market conditions 
Jinko Solar Panel Efficiency :


Maximum Efficiency

Tiger Neo


Cheetah HC






The average efficiency of Jinko solar panels ranges between 16.5% and 21.16%, which is still far from perfect. This lower efficiency shows why Jinko solar panels are cheaper than other Tier 1 panels available in the market. Jinko solar panels may not be ideal for homes with smaller roof spaces. Due to their lower efficiency, these panels may not be able to meet your daily energy needs.

Although Jinko solar panels have been the least efficient panels available in the market, the company is on its way to improving efficiency. The tiger pro series by Jinko Solar has a maximum efficiency of 21.16%. Recently, Jinko Solar announced that the manufacturer achieved a world-record 24.79% efficiency on their latest n-type mono-crystalline cell.

Jinko Solar’s Warranties for Australian Customers :

Jinko Solar offers several warranties to its Australian customers depending on the type and model of the solar panel you choose. All the Jinko solar panels come with a product performance warranty. This product warranty provides coverage for manufacturing faults in the panels that can lead to malfunction or damage.

N-type Jinko solar panels come with some significant warranties due to their unique cell structure and reduced degradation potential. Whereas, P-type Jinko solar panels in the form of Tiger Pro Series come with less significant warranties because they possess a reduced format product.

The following table will help you understand, what type of warranties you can enjoy on Jinko solar panels in Australia:


Product warranty

Performance warranty

1st-year degradation

Annual Degradation

Tiger Neo 60HC4

25 years

30 years



Tiger Pro

12 years

25 years



Tiger Neo 54HC4

25 years

30 years



Comparison with Other Brands

JINKO Solar Panels is one of the leading solar panel brands in the market. In terms of efficiency ratings and panel types, JINKO Solar Panels are comparable to these other top brands like Seraphim, JA Solar and TRINA.

The advantages of JINKO Solar Panels include their high-efficiency ratingsdurability, and warranty. They also have a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental impact, which can be a major factor for customers who are concerned about the long-term environmental impact of their energy choices

One potential disadvantage of JINKO Solar Panels is their availability, as they may not be as widely available as other major solar panel brands in certain regions.

One factor that sets JINKO Solar Panels apart from competitors is its focus on research and development. They invest heavily in developing new technologies and improving the efficiency of their panels, which can help to increase the overall effectiveness of solar energy as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Year of establishment2006201120051997
Power output range345W - 585W320W -600W265W - 670W430W - 690W
Types of panelsMonocrystalline and PolycrystallineMonocrystalline and PolycrystallineMonocrystalline and PolycrystallineMonocrystalline and Polycrystalline
Efficiency range19.4% - 23.7%17.0% - 20.6%18.5% - 21.3%18.7% - 21.1%
Warranty period10 - 12 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty10 - 12 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty10 - 12 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty10 - 15 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty

Jinko Solar Panel Technologies :

All types of solar panels Jinko sell in Australia are salt mist corrosion resistant and well suited for coastal installation across the country. Most of the Jinko solar panel models are certified by the Clean Energy Council for a small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

Final Verdict: Are Jinko Solar Panels Good Enough to Meet Your Daily Energy Demands?

Overall, Jinko solar panels have a good reputation among homeowners and panel experts. The manufacturers are striving to improve their production facilities with their products. Jinko Solar has earned several awards for its strong financial position, dependability, and environmental sustainability.

The manufacturer is the world’s largest producer of solar panels for a reason. The new wonders of the Jinko Solar-Tiger and Tiger Pro series prove that the company uses innovative manufacturing techniques to improve efficiency while reducing costs.

Jinko Solar is one of the best options for delivering the value proposition to its consumers in terms of both dependability and cost-effectiveness.

If you’re hunting for the finest-quality Jinko solar panels, contact us at Solar Power Nation for a customised quote for your solar panel needs.

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