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It’s a long long-long day! And we’re loving it!

Fun with kids this Summer Solstice! How you can make the most of 14 Hours and 24 minutes!


Summer solstice is celebrated globally. Occurring once a year, there are many different rituals and traditions attached to these celebrations. Ensure the participation of your little ones this solstice and introduce to them the importance of the sun.  

This year the summer solstice in Australia will take place on Wednesday, December 22, 2021 with 14 hours and 24 minutes of daylight!

With so much sunlight to bask in, it’s a day when the children need to be involved in activities that celebrate the sun and the solar power. After all we are a nation of sun lovers!  

Here’s a list of 14 fun things to do with children this summer solstice:

  1. Watch the sun, for more fun: On this special day, let’s make the sun the star of the day. Watch the sunrise and sunset together with your little ones. 
  2. Bask in the sun: Sunbathe on the beach, in the park or in your own backyard. But make sure to wear some sun-screen, lest you or your precious ones come back with sun-burns.
  3. Celebrate with a walk: Go for a nature walk to the park or nearby woods. Even if it is just a stroll in the neighborhood. Anything to make this day memorable.
  4. Look for signs of summer: Since this is the onset of summer, ask your child to spot for signs that indicate the arrival of summer. Could be bees, butterflies, spiders or even people sunbathing near pools and on beaches. 
  5. Plant something: The beginning of summer is supposed to be rich in fertility. It is the perfect time to plant a tree, shrub, bush, herb or flower of your darling’s choice. Let them nurture it and take immense joy in it as it grows.
  6. Make a fairy garden: Fairy gardens can be wonderful additions to your porch, deck or backyard. 
  7. Make crafts with the sun as a central theme: Make the sun with felt or craft paper. Then hang them on bushes and trees, inviting more brightness to your home and garden. 
  8. Make flower ornaments together: Wearing floral headpieces are popular solstice’s traditions. You can go a step further and make wrist bands, anklets and garlands too, with your favorite blossoms. 
  9. Fly kites: Flying kites require a clear sunny day. What better day than the summer solstice?
  10. Read books: Read books about the summer solstice. For younger kids you can read out attractive picture books on the same subject.
  11.  Enjoy creating art and craft together: Create summer inspired art. Have a great time making flowers, home sundials, finger painting, sun catchers, the list is endless. Choose according to the interest of your sweetheart. 
  12.  Have a feast: You can have friends over or it could just be the family. Enjoy the seasonal produce at home or at a picnic. 
  13. Practice yoga: The United Nations General Assembly has named the summer solstice of the northern hemisphere as the international yoga day. Being in the southern hemisphere should not rob you of the peace and calm gained from yoga. 
  14.  Time to express: Time now to express gratitude to the sun that gives us so much for free. Sun salutations are one great way to thank the sun and salute it for the endless giving!  

Summer solstices are celebrated globally. It’s a good time to soak in the sun, bond with your children and introduce them to the benefits of solar power as well! 

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