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Is Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery a good choice for my home?

There are many advantages of installing a storage battery system and the Tesla Powerwall solar battery is indeed a great energy storage solution to add to your residential solar panels. In this article, we shall go through some incredible features of the Tesla Powerwall solar battery.

AC-Coupled Battery

The Tesla Powerwall solar battery is an AC-coupled battery which means that it has its own in-built storage inverter. AC-coupled batteries have these main advantages:

1) They can be easily attached to an existing solar system

2) Any fault with your solar inverter will not impact the functioning of the battery

3) Any fault with the battery will not impact the functioning of the solar inverter.

Storage Capacity

The capacity of a battery implies the amount of electricity it can store. The higher the storage capacity, the longer the battery can energize your house. The Tesla Powerwall solar battery can store up to 13.5kWh of power which is enough electricity to cover the needs of an average Australian household for a day. It can power your home’s essential equipment like the fridge, some outlets, and some lights for a whole day on a single charge!


The Tesla Powerwall solar battery is a lithium-ion battery that will work at 70 percent of its capacity after ten years. Your battery’s life will greatly depend on the operating mode you choose.

Operating Modes

The three operating modes on the Tesla Powerwall solar battery allow you to choose how and when to release and reserve electricity in your battery.

1) Backup Power Mode

In the event of a blackout, the Tesla Powerwall on the backup power mode acts as an emergency power backup.

2) Solar Self Consumption

In this mode, you can energize your house with solar power when the sun is not shining and the panels aren’t producing as the battery stores excess energy for later use.

3) Time-Based Control

If your utility charges different rates at different times of the day, this mode is of great advantage. The Tesla Powerwall solar battery on the time-based control mode will charge the battery when power rates are the cheapest and discharge when prices are the highest. This helps you save money on your energy bills.

Continuous Power Rating

The continuous power rating of a battery indicates what and how much electronic equipment it can power. Grid-connected Tesla Powerwall solar batteries can supply around 7.6kW of continuous power on a sunny day and about 5.6kW without the sun. So, one Powerwall can power some lights, outlets, and a fridge. However, to run bigger appliances like air-conditioners, multiple batteries will be required. A Tesla Powerwall solar battery when not connected to the grid, like during an outage, can release more energy output ranging between 7 to 9.6kW and can power some more appliances.

Peak Power Rating

Other than the continuous power rating, solar batteries also have a peak power rating. It refers to the maximum amount of power a battery can supply in a very short time i.e., ten seconds. The peak power rating is the measure of the battery’s capability to combat transient power surges, like when appliances draw more power to switch on. Tesla Powerwall has no peak power rating when connected to the grid, but when off-grid, and the sun is up, its peak power rating ranges between 10 to 22kW! Tesla Powerwall exceeds the industry average for peak power rating which is usually about 7kW.


Some years ago, solar storage looked far-fetched, but not anymore. The Tesla Powerwall solar battery is an awesome solar storage solution for most homes for its range of wonderful features, high quality, and reasonable price.

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