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In-Depth Review Of Sungrow Three-Phase Solar Inverters

Blog updated on 1st November’2023

The rising popularity of green energy in Australia underscores the demand for Sungrow three-phase solar inverters. These inverters efficiently convert DC power from solar panels into AC power for various applications. Australians prefer these inverters for their reliability, exceptional energy conversion, and safety features, aligning with government regulations. 

Additionally, their affordability and the potential for energy savings and tax rebates make them a top choice. Sungrow, a leading Chinese manufacturer, offers a diverse range of these inverters tailored to different power needs. Dive deeper into this article to understand the unique features and benefits of Sungrow Three-Phase inverters.

What are the Key Takeaways of Sungrow Three-Phase Solar Inverters?

Sungrow Three-Phase Solar Inverters
  1. Sungrow is a well-known inverter manufacturer that has established a robust global presence. They offer various inverters for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. 
  2. One notable aspect of Sungrow inverters is their efficiency reaching up to 98.5%, allowing energy production. 
  3. These inverters utilize MPPT technology to track power and optimize energy conversion.
  4. In addition to their performance, Sungrow provides monitoring and remote management capabilities for efficient system monitoring and control. 
  5. The company emphasizes the durability and longevity of its products, ensuring long-term reliability.
  6. Moreover, Sungrow inverters incorporate safety features and protection mechanisms.
  7. Sungrow takes pride in offering customer support and after-sales service to guide customers throughout their journey.
  8. These inverters are compatible with PV system designs and components providing installation flexibility based on needs.

What Sets Sungrow Three-Phase Inverters Stand Out? - Key Features

Features and CapabilitiesSungrow Three-Phase Solar Inverters
Power Ratings and EfficiencyPower ratings from 5 kW to 12 kW with efficiency typically ranging from 97% to 98.5%.
Input Voltage Range and MPPT TrackingWide input voltage range up to 1100 V, equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) tech.
Safety Features and CertificationsOvervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-islanding protection, AFCI technology.
Monitoring and Control CapabilitiesComprehensive web-based or mobile app monitoring, real-time performance tracking and detection.
High YieldDesigned for high energy generation, lower startup voltage for power generation in low-light.
Smart ManagementSmart IV curve scanning, 24/7 live monitoring, over-the-air firmware updates.

Overview of Sungrow Inverter Product Lines

Type DesignationSG5.0RTSG6.0RTSG7.0RTSG8.0RTSG10RTSG12RT
Max Output Power5000 W6000 W7000 W8000 W10000 W12000 kW
Max PV Input Voltage1100 V1100 V1100 V1100 V1100 V1100 V
PV Strings/MPPT1-Jan1-Jan1-Feb1-Feb1-Feb1-Feb
Max Efficiency98.40%98.40%98.40%98.50%98.50%98.50%
Surge ProtectionDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type II
Degree of ProtectionIP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65
Operating Temperature -25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃
Cooling MethodNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural Cooling
CommunicationEthernet/WLAN/ RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/ RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/ RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/ RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/ RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/ RS 485
Warranty Period10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years

Are Sungrow Three-Phase Inverters Reliable?

Sungrow Three-Phase Solar Inverters Performance and Reliability

Let’s discuss the performance and reliability of Sungrow three-phase inverters. One of the reasons why they excel is their ability to maintain efficiency in various weather conditions. Whether it’s extremely hot or there’s light, Sungrow inverters are designed to work, ensuring consistent power generation and excellent system performance.

Another impressive aspect of these inverters is their stability in power output. They use algorithms and mechanisms to control power and regulate voltage resulting in fluctuations in the energy they produce.

Safety is a priority for Sungrow inverters. They have advanced protection features that safeguard the system against grid faults and voltage fluctuations. In case of any irregularities in the grid, these inverters quickly disconnect from it to ensure safety and protect your system from damage.

Regarding installation, Sungrow inverters are designed with ease and convenience in mind. They are compatible with modules making them suitable for different installations. Additionally, they include a built-in function that helps mitigate the effects of PID (Potential Induced Degradation) on solar panel performance.

Durability is another feature of Sungrow inverters. They have built-in Type II DC and AC SPDs (Surge Protective Devices), providing protection against voltage surges.

Moreover, these inverters come with a C5 corrosion rating ensuring their durability in harsh environmental conditions. The design of these inverters is also user-friendly and efficient. 

They have a lightweight structure weighing 18 kgs, which simplifies the installation process. Furthermore, the use of push-in connectors makes installation more straightforward. Additionally, commissioning can be effortlessly carried out using an app streamlining the setup and configuration process. 

All Sungrow Three-Phase Solar Inverters are known for their reliability, efficiency, and user-friendliness, making them an excellent choice for confidently powering your solar system.

Comparison With Other Popular Inverter Brands

BrandSungrowHuaweiSMASolar EdgeSolis SOFAR
Type DesignationSG5.0RTSUN2000-5KTL-M1Sunny Tripower 5.0SE5K-AUS5-GR3P5K-AUSOFAR 5KTL-G3
Max Output Power5000 W5000 W5000 W4985 W5000 W5000 W
Max PV Input Voltage1100 V1100 V850 V600 V1100 V600 V
Max Efficiency98.40%98.40%98.20%98.70%98.30%98.40%
Surge ProtectionDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type II
Degree of ProtectionIP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65
Operating Temperature -25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃
Cooling MethodNatural CoolingNatural ConvectionNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural Cooling
CommunicationEthernet/WLAN/RS 485Ethernet/RS 485/ WLANEthernet/WLAN/RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/RS 485Ethernet/RS 485/ WLAN
Product Warranty10 Years10 Years5 Years12 Years10 Years10 Years

Real Installations and Customer Reviews of Sungrow Inverters


Sungrow inverter installations by SPN


Explore the real-world installations of Sungrow inverters across various locations. Here are some of our satisfied customers who have chosen Sungrow for their solar needs:

1. Gavin Pan

Inverter Size: 5kW (1 Phase)

Location: Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153

Panel Brand: Jinko solar

Review: “The Sungrow inverter has been a game-changer for our home. It’s efficient, reliable, and the installation process was smooth. Highly recommend!”

2. Chris Ibrahim

Inverter Size: 5kW (1 Phase)

Location: Moorebank, NSW 2170

Panel Brand: Jinko solar

Review: “I’ve seen a significant reduction in my electricity bills since installing the Sungrow inverter. The performance is top-notch!”

3. Dipesh Khanal

Inverter Size: 5kW (1 Phase)

Location: Forest Lake, QLD 4078

Panel Brand: Canadian Solar

Review: “The combination of Sungrow inverter and Canadian Solar panels has been fantastic. Consistent energy production and great support.”

4. Kuldeep Singh

Inverter Size: 10kW (1 Phase)

Location: Albert Park, SA 5014

Panel Brand: Trina Solar

Review: “We opted for a larger system, and the Sungrow 10kW inverter has not disappointed. Efficient energy conversion and seamless integration with Trina Solar panels.”

5. Joshy Scaria

Inverter Size: 8kW (1 Phase)

Location: Crestmead, QLD 4132

Panel Brand: Jinko solar

Review: Our 8kW system with the Sungrow inverter has been a boon. The system works flawlessly, and the energy savings are evident.”

6. Andrew Clark

Inverter Size: 5kW (1 Phase)

Location: Burleigh Waters, QLD 4220

Panel Brand: Jinko solar

Review: “Choosing Sungrow was one of the best decisions for our solar setup. Reliable performance and excellent customer support.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Sungrow three-phase Inverters

Answer: Sungrow inverters function by employing a process known as inversion. They transform the DC electricity produced by panels into AC electricity, the standard electricity used in homes and businesses.

Answer: Sungrow inverters have features that include efficiency, a wide voltage input range, low start-up voltage MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology, and an LCD for monitoring purposes.

Answer: The reputation of Sungrow as a brand within the industry is solidified by its inverters. They have established themselves as producers of high-quality inverters. Have garnered global market share.

Answer: Sungrow inverters have built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity, allowing you to monitor and manage your power system remotely.

Answer: Sungrow inverters often have integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling users to monitor and control their power systems through a mobile application or web portal.

Answer: The warranty period for Sungrow inverters may vary based on the model and region. Typically they come with a warranty of 10 years.

Answer: While Sungrow inverters are primarily designed for grid-tied power systems where excess electricity can be exported to the grid, they also offer inverters that can be utilized in off-grid scenarios or conjunction with battery backup systems.

Answer: Sungrow inverters are usually compatible with a selection of panels, such as monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film technologies.

Answer: Although it is technically feasible for homeowners to install Sungrow inverters on their own, it is highly advisable to engage the services of a certified installer.

Awards and Certifications Received by Sungrow

  1. Sungrow has been honored with the TÜV Rheinland All Quality Matters Award for its inverters’ exceptional quality and performance.
  2. The innovative technology, efficiency, and remarkable contribution to the industry by Sungrow inverters have been recognized through their receipt of the Intersolar Award.
  3. Sungrows commitment to excellence is evident in its inverter’s outstanding design and user-friendly interface, which has earned them the Red Dot Design Award.
  4. By holding ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certifications, Sungrow demonstrates its dedication to maintaining high-quality standards and sustainable operations.
  5. To ensure compliance with safety standards, Sungrows inverters have obtained certificates from safety organizations like UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and CE (Conformité Européene).

Other Key Things To Know About Sungrow Inverters

  • Customer Satisfaction: Sungrow inverters are well-regarded by customers for their reliability, performance, and user-friendly features. You can check out product review websites, solar forums, and social media to find user feedback. 
  • Sustainability: Regarding sustainability and minimizing impact, Sungrow is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. They prioritize developing energy inverters that maximize system efficiency to help users achieve energy production. Additionally, Sungrow emphasizes manufacturing practices and has implemented recycling initiatives to minimize waste and contribute to environmental conservation.
  • Warranty: Sungrow takes warranty coverage seriously, as they understand the importance of protecting customer investments and ensuring satisfaction. Feedback, testimonials, real-world case studies, a 10-year comprehensive warranty coverage plan, and exceptional customer support for all solar investments reinforce their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Support: Sungrow ensures their customer support services are always ready to assist you with any inquiries, troubleshooting, or technical issues regarding Sungrow inverter systems. If you require any assistance, their dedicated support team is readily available to help you out.

Conclusion - Is Sungrow Currently the Best Inverter?

Do you know what’s impressive about Sungrow Three-Phase Solar Inverters? Customers love them for their consistent performance, reliability, and longevity. Beyond their technical prowess, Sungrow is also recognized for its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, making their inverters a greener choice.

Sungrow’s exceptional customer service further amplifies their reputation. They’re not just about selling inverters; they genuinely care about ensuring a positive experience for their users.

If you’re on the hunt for an inverter, Sungrow should be a top consideration. While they come highly recommended, especially their Three-Phase Solar Inverters, it’s essential to align your choice with your specific needs, budget, and project requirements. Remember, the best inverter is one that fits seamlessly into your solar project, and Sungrow might just be the perfect match.

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