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In-Depth Review Of Growatt Three-Phase Solar Inverters

Australia is increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainable and renewable energy sources. One trend gaining traction here is the adoption of three-phase solar inverters to replace conventional energy sources.

What makes these three-phase solar inverters so popular? Well, These solar inverters are cost-effective and efficient energy solutions that not only provide users with cost savings but also contribute to a greener future toward energy adoption. These inverters help reduce power consumption, resulting in long-term expenses for users.

While we all agree on the significance of inverters, choosing one from the numerous options available can be challenging.

However, if you want an efficient three-phase solar inverter, it is worth checking out the Growatt three-phase inverters.

Growatt – a Chinese inverter brand that stands out among its competitors, was established in China in 2010. 

These three-phase solar inverters have gained popularity in Australia and perfectly meet the rising energy demand. In this article, we will delve into the features that make Growatt inverters a top-notch choice. 

If you are curious about these inverters and eager to learn all the intricacies, this article is a must-read. 

Let’s dive in and explore what Growatt three-phase solar inverters offer!

What are the Key Takeaways of Growatt Three-Phase Solar Inverters ?

  1. These three-phase solar inverters are popular in Australia as homeowners prioritize eco-friendly energy solutions.
  2. Growatt offers cost-efficient three-phase solar inverters which range from 3 kW to 6 kW that help reduce power consumption and provide long-term cost savings.
  3. Growatt inverters stand out for their features like maximum DC voltage capacity, efficiency, compact design, multi-MPPT controller functionality, natural cooling mechanisms, and monitoring capabilities.
  4. Compared to brands in terms of efficiency levels, warranty periods, and protective features of their inverters, Growatt emerges as highly competitive.
  5. Reliability is a focus for Growatt through its commitment to quality engineering practices and extensive testing. These efforts result in a failure rate.
  6. Customer satisfaction is also a priority for Growatt. They offer warranty periods of up to 5 years. Demonstrate a solid commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  7. Growatt inverters provide flexibility for system expansion. It can be seamlessly integrated with battery storage systems if desired.

What Sets Growatt Three-Phase Inverters Stand Out? - Key Features

Growatt Three- Phase Solar Inverters
Max. DC VoltageSupports a high maximum DC voltage of up to 1000V, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of PV modules and system configurations.
Max. EfficiencyOffers high efficiency, converting a greater portion of solar energy into electricity and reducing energy losses. Maximum efficiency of 98% ensures optimal conversion of DC power from solar panels to AC power for use in the electrical grid.
Compact DesignEquipped with comprehensive protection features, such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection, ensuring safe operation and safeguarding the inverter and connected system. The compact design makes them space-efficient and suitable for installations with limited space.
Multi MPPT ControllerFeatures dual MPPT inputs to optimize energy production in installations with panels facing different orientations or shading conditions. The multi MPP (Maximum Power Point) controller allows the inverter to optimize power production by tracking each PV module individually.
Monitoring CapabilitiesEquipped with built-in monitoring and communication capabilities, enabling remote monitoring, timely maintenance, and troubleshooting of the solar system.

Overview of Growatt Three-Phase Solar Inverter Product Lines

Type DesignationGrowatt 3000TL3-SGrowatt 4000TL3-SGrowatt 5000TL3-SGrowatt 6000TL3-S
Max Output Power3000 W4000 W5000 W6000 W
Max Input Voltage1000 V1000 V1000 V1000 V
MPPT Inputs2222
Max Efficiency97.50%97.80%98%98%
Surge ProtectionDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type II
Degree of ProtectionIP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65
Operating Temperature -25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃
Cooling MethodNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural Cooling
CommunicationEthernet/WLAN/RS 485/DI/DOEthernet/WLAN/RS 485/DI/DOEthernet/WLAN/RS 485/DI/DOEthernet/WLAN/RS 485/DI/DO
Warranty Period10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years

Comparison with Other Popular Inverter Brands

BrandGrowattHuaweiSAJSMASolar EdgeSolis 
Type DesignationGrowatt 5000TL3-SSUN2000-5KTL-M1R5-5K-T2Sunny Tripower 5.0SE5K-AUS5-GR3P5K-AU
Max Output Power5000 W5000 W5000 W5000 W4985 W5000 W
Max Input Voltage1000 V1100 V1100 V850 V600 V1100 V
Independent MPP Inputs222222
Max Efficiency98%98.40%98.30%98.20%98.70%98.30%
Surge ProtectionDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type IIDC Type II/ AC Type II
Degree of ProtectionIP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65IP 65
Operating Temperature -25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-40 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃-25 ℃ to 60 ℃
Cooling MethodNatural CoolingNatural ConvectionNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural CoolingNatural Cooling
CommunicationEthernet/WLAN/RS 485/DI/DOEthernet/WLAN/RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/RS 485Ethernet/WLAN/RS 485
Product Warranty10 Years10 Years10+3 Years5 Years12 Years10 Years

Advantages of Growatt Three-Phase Solar Inverters 

  1. Cost-effective option with competitive pricing
  2. High efficiency for optimal energy generation
  3. Robust build quality for durability and reliability
  4. Wide MPPT voltage range for system flexibility
  5. Monitoring and communication capabilities for remote system monitoring

Disadvantage of Growatt Three-Phase Solar Inverters

  1. Limited product range compared to some manufacturers
  2. Lower brand recognition compared to established brands
  3. Varied availability of service and support depending on the region.

Are Growatt Three-Phase Solar Inverters Reliable?

Growatt emphasizes delivering performance and ensuring the reliability of its inverters in any situation. There are some key factors that set Growatt inverters apart regarding durability and dependability.

To begin with, they prioritize quality engineering at every step. Their inverters are meticulously designed to meet industry standards. They invest in research and development, employing engineers who work diligently to optimize their products.

When it comes to resilience, Growatt inverters can withstand the conditions. Constructed using high-quality materials, these inverters undergo testing to ensure they can endure weather scenarios. Whether it’s temperature fluctuations, humidity levels, or dust exposure – they are well prepared to handle it all.

Growatt inverters have gained a reputation for their remarkably low rate of failures. These inverters have achieved this feat by implementing design principles and rigorous quality control measures. Their focus on reliability ensures that your solar system will continue to operate without any issues.

Regarding performance and dependability, Growatt has got you covered. They have invested effort in quality engineering, thorough testing, and continuous improvement. With Growatt inverters, you can be confident that you have a solution you can rely on for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fronius Three-Phase Solar Inverters

Answer: Absolutely! Growatt inverters have built a reputation for their reliability. They boast a low failure rate and are known for delivering consistent performance, ensuring your solar system operates smoothly.

Answer: Regarding efficiency, Growatt inverters are designed with top-notch performance in mind. They excel at converting energy into electricity. While the exact efficiency may vary based on the model, overall Growatt inverters are renowned for their energy operation.

Answer: Safety is a priority for Growatt, and their inverters come with comprehensive protection features to ensure your peace of mind. They provide overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and even temperature monitoring.

Answer: Absolutely! Growatt offers customer support services for its inverters. The availability of service and support may vary depending on your location. You must contact their authorized distributors or service centers for assistance or warranty support.

Answer: Definitely! Whether you are setting up a home system or working on a scale commercial project, Growatt has got you covered. They offer various inverters for both commercial setups.

Answer: Absolutely! Wi-Fi functionality is included with Growatt Inverters. Many Growatt inverters come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi to effortlessly monitor real-time data, receive notifications, and stay well informed about the performance of your system through their user-friendly app or web portal.

Answer: Definitely! Growatt inverters generally offer compatibility with battery storage systems. They have inverters that seamlessly integrate with battery storage, enabling you to store surplus energy for later use when needed.

Answer: The warranty duration for GoodWe inverters is up to 10 years, depending on the model and regional factors.

Awards and Certifications Received by Growatt

Growatt Three-Phase Solar Inverters Awards and Certifications Received
  • Growatt has received recognition for its contributions to the industry, as evidenced by its accolades at the Intersolar Awards.
  • The Red Dot Design Award has also acknowledged Growatt inverters for their product design and features.
  • Additionally, Growatt inverters have successfully obtained certifications from TÜV Rheinland, an organization known for testing and certification.
  • Moreover, Growatt has demonstrated its commitment to quality management systems with ISO 9001 and environmental responsibility with ISO 14001 certification.

Other Key Things To Know About Growatt Three-Phase Solar Inverters?

  • Customer Satisfaction: Growatt inverters have garnered levels of customer satisfaction. The positive feedback they receive is a testament to their reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly interfaces. Customers and installers alike appreciate the power output and reliable operation of Growatt inverters, which allow solar systems to generate energy efficiently.
  • Sustainability: At the heart of Growatt values is a dedication to sustainability. They prioritize the development of energy inverters that adhere to environmental management standards. By promoting the adoption of energy, Growatt actively contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the transition towards clean and renewable energy sources.
  • Warranty and Customer Support: Growatt offers warranty periods of up to 10 years based on the model. This warranty ensures protection against manufacturing defects while providing assurance of performance and durability for customers. Furthermore, Growatt’s dedicated team of customer support professionals is always ready to provide knowledgeable and timely assistance.

Conclusion - Is Growatt Currently the Best Three-Phase Solar Inverter?

Growatt three-phase solar inverters have gained popularity in the solar industry and earned an excellent Australian reputation. Growatt three-phase solar inverters have undeniably established a presence in the industry known for their advanced technology, performance, reliability, customer satisfaction, and commitment to sustainability. 

Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that they face competition with other companies offering high-quality products. Practically speaking, their inverters have showcased performance and energy output in real-world applications, instilling trust among users. Their commitment to standards and energy-efficient products reflects their approach toward sustainability.

Even though many brands are available in the market that can meet your energy demands, if you opt for a Growatt three-phase solar inverter, it will provide you with long-term benefits and efficient cost savings.

These inverters are highly reliable; even if you have any issues, their customer support team will help you resolve your issues adequately. Undoubtedly, Growatt stands as a player when seeking an effective solar inverter. However, it is crucial to consider factors such as your specific requirements and budget.

Ultimately, finding the best inverter for your project entails selecting one that perfectly aligns with your goals while providing performance, efficiency, and long-term support. Take your time, consider your options, and confidently make the decision that suits your needs!

If Growatt three-phase solar inverters align perfectly with what you’re looking for in terms of performance, efficiency, and long-term support, they are your choice.

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