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How to NOT let birds ruin your solar panel

So you did your research, took all factors into account as part of a solar panel risk assessment, and have had your solar panels installed by a team of professionals. These are now up and running, only… you encounter an unexpected hindrance to the smooth functioning of said solar panels. BIRDS.Birds have taken over your panel, and there’s a constant mess of droppings, feathers- you get it.

In this article, we list 5 proven ways to bird-proof your solar panels, thereby protecting your panels from damage to solar cells.

Before we begin, let us understand why bird proofing is vital for your solar panels.

Bird droppings on solar modules can accumulate over time, forming a layer on the panel which blocks sunlight and thus reduces the overall efficiency of your solar panels. Birds also eat the insulation and short out the wiring on solar panels. This can lead to circuit blockages, unwanted heat and in extreme cases- fires breaking out.

Additionally, since the droppings of birds are acidic in nature, they can degrade the surface of solar panels.

To prevent all this from happening, and to maximise your solar panel’s efficiency, it is important to bird proof your solar panels.

This means that there are steps you can take to prevent birds from getting anywhere near your solar panels.

In this article, we will go through 5 proven ways to bird-proof your solar panels. You can apply any of them to make birds leave your solar panels alone.

  1. Install a solar panel bird mesh

A solar panel mesh is a simple and very effective tool to keep the birds from getting to your solar panels.  It is made of a durable, flexible and lightweight material with a net-like design.

This mesh consists of a thin layer of metal that prevents birds from flying through it or getting anywhere close to your solar panels.

Installing these bird meshes can be a difficult task, so it is always advisable to hire an expert or company to do so.

  1. An automated bird repellent system

A bird-repellent system emits light or sound to repel birds or other creatures when they enter or come close to a designated area. This system is of great use near solar panels and can act as a strong deterrent for birds or other creatures that could potentially harm your solar panels.

These systems can effectively prevent contact between the birds and your panels, thereby stopping the problems mentioned above from occurring.

  1. Bird spikes

Bird spikes are short and thin little wires that leave no space for birds wanting to perch on a given surface.

A functional barrier- they prevent birds from coming near your solar panels. Made of durable and flexible plastic, they are no more than 2 inches wide, with pointers that discourage birds from landing on the solar panels.

  1. Reflective mirrors

Installing reflective mirrors can also be a great way to deter birds from hovering around your panels. All you need to do is put these mirrors up in a way that makes it hard for birds to come close to your panels.

However, these mirrors could be a source of annoyance for you due to their shiny nature.

  1. Regularly clean your solar panels

Regularly cleaning your solar panels increases their efficiency and also helps you find nests of birds that may have chosen to sneakily build a home under your solar panels. When the surface of the panel is dirty due (to bird droppings or any other reasons), it becomes harder for the solar modules to absorb the sun’s rays. This results in a reduction of the overall energy produced.

However, do note that cleaning your solar panels is a temporary solution and not a permanent fix to bird-proofing your solar panels.

If you are looking for professional assistance and tips on bird-proofing your solar panels, we at Solar Power Nation would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us for a free quote today!

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