There has been a significant improvement in the field of solar technology over the recent years as there have been constant discoveries of new ways to make solar panels more efficient and effective. These technological advancements and increased accessibility of this renewable energy source has proven to be great for those who are looking to invest in a solar power system, as well as for people who already have solar panels installed on the roof of their home or business. Although there is still room for improvement to be made in terms of getting maximum solar production, there are a few things you can do from home to make sure that your solar panels function as efficiently as possible. This article discusses one of the key factors to keep in mind when getting a solar power system installed which is ensuring that the panels are installed correctly in order to yield maximum solar production.

Correct Installation

It is absolutely crucial that once you decide upon the solar panels and inverter you want to install on your roof, you ensure that the solar installer who carries out the final installation is a licensed professional. Solar installation carried out by an unskilled solar installer who is not accredited by the Clean Energy Council can lead to significantly inefficient solar panels that are unable to power your home efficiently.

Making sure that your solar installer is CEC accredited is absolutely crucial if you wish to have a smooth transition to green energy and avoid future hassles. All systems installed through Solar Power Nation are through CEC accredited solar installers to ensure the best quality of workmanship. All solar installers licensed by the Clean Energy Council are licensed professionals with a great deal of experience, which should give you peace of mind when it comes to your own solar installation. With a CEC accredited solar installer, you know that you are going to have a correctly installed solar panel system. Additionally, with Solar Power Nation, if in case anything did go wrong, the fact that your system was installed through a CEC licensed solar installer gives you a workmanship warranty of 10 years.

 The different types of solar panel mounting methods


Roof hook & frame for solar panels


Fixed tile hook for solar panels


Flat Roof and Ground Mount

By far the most common way to install domestic PV panels is to mount them directly onto your property’s rafters using the standard solar installation kit which consists of aluminium mounting frames, clamps, etc. If your property has more than one storey, there is generally extra components required in order to gain roof access.

It is common for solar installers to remove roof tiles or slates in order to mount the solar panel array so that they can screw the hooks into the roof joists. The hooks for the frames are spread evenly in order to ensure weight distribution. The solar panels are then mounted on these frames using clamps. For the solar installation process, the roof tiles or slates are then replaced, and waterproof flashing is applied to the hooks to avoid roof leakages.

If in case your roof is flat, there is no need to worry as solar panels can also be installed on flat roofs using dedicated mounting frames or tilt frames. It is actually beneficial in many cases if the roof is flat as opposed to being largely pitched to unfavourable angles as flat roof solar installations offer optimised system output with the use of tilt frames which allow the solar panels to be pitched at any angle and made to face due north, regardless of the roof’s orientation. Installing solar panels with tilt frames however do require more hardware, and are therefore more costly.

Panels installed with a Tilt frame

It is also recommended to ensure that your roof can manage to hold the weight of the solar panels. For a standard 6.6kW system, you will require roughly 16-18 panels which can weigh a significant amount and therefore require that your roof is in a good condition and able to endure this weight.

These are just few of the things to keep in mind when getting a solar power system for your roof. Just be ensuring that you have these few key pointers covered in your transition to solar power, you can experience a very smooth and hassle free switch to this renewable energy source while ensuring that your system works most efficiently and brings you significant savings.

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