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How to choose the best solar panel and inverter for my home?

When investing in a solar power system, it is always advisable to do thorough research on solar panels and inverter brands in Australia. It is vital to know your budget and consumption and the performance, warranties, and quality of the prevailing solar panel brands and inverter brands to choose well. Installing solar is a huge decision for an individual or a business owner as it will serve you for many years. The system’s performance and success will depend on your choice of solar components. Therefore, choosing well will determine your savings, payback, and the returns on your investment.

How to choose the best solar panels?

1) Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency is the first aspect you want to look at when comparing the top solar panels in Australia. Panel efficiency is the percentage of sunlight it can convert into electricity. The higher the panel’s efficiency, the more watts of power it generates per square meter of the module. Solar panel brands that offer 15 to 20 percent efficiency can be considered good.

2) Cost

When comparing solar panel brands, you may be tempted to go for the cheapest deal. But selecting solar panels only on the basis of price could result in poor performance and overall low output that will fail the purpose of making this investment which is savings. Go after solar panel brands that offer reliability, durability, and consistent performance for maximum economic benefits.

3) Warranty

One very critical aspect to consider when comparing solar panel brands is their warranties. When it comes to warranties, the lengthier the better. Warranties protect your solar investment and make sure that you receive maximum returns and benefits from the venture. There are two types of warranties on solar panels – the performance warranty and the product warranty.

Product warranty – insures you against any manufacturing defects in the modules. Any failures in the panels due to defects in the build, or premature deterioration are covered under this warranty. It usually stands between 10 to 15 years. But nowadays some top solar panel brands offer 25 years and 40 years of product warranty too!

Performance warranty – this is a guarantee on the output performance of the solar panels after some years. Generally, solar panels are guaranteed to perform at 90 percent of their original efficiency after 10 years and at about 80 percent after 25 years of installation.

4) CEC approved

Solar panel brands that are approved by the Clean Energy Council comply with Australian standards of quality and performance. By choosing CEC-approved solar panels you can be sure that you are making a safe and good-quality choice.

Some of the top solar panel brands in Australia which are highly recommended by installers and industry experts:

High-end segment: REC, Sunpower, Hyundai, Tindo Solar, and Winaico are some good choices. These solar panel brands feature peak performance, excellent construction, superior quality standards, and industry-leading warranties.

Mid-range segment: Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, Longi Solar, Q-Cells, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, and Risen are some popular choices in the mid-price segment. These solar panel brands offer good build quality, high output performance, and industry-average warranties.

How to choose the best solar inverter?

When comparing the best solar inverters in Australia, you want to consider the following aspects:

1) Conversion efficiency

The conversion efficiency of the inverter implies the amount of energy it can transform from DC to AC. The more watts of energy it can supply to your house, the more efficient it is.

2) Warranty

As with panels, the inverter warranty too must be long enough to cover most of its lifetime. Choose a brand that offers at least a minimum of a 10-year product warranty.

3) Safety Features

When dealing with electronics, your safety is paramount. The inverter must include advanced safety features to protect your home and family in cases of a short circuit, component, or grid failure. Most modern and best solar inverters in Australia shut off the supply as soon as they detect any of these to prevent fires, shocks, and explosions.

4) Monitoring

A good inverter facilitates reliable data regarding the production and consumption of energy for monitoring the performance of the system. This will help the user to gauge the yield and savings from the system over a specific period and also allow early detection of any lag or fault in the system.

Some highly recommended inverters by installers and industry experts:

High-end segment: Fronius, SMA, SolarEdge, Enphase. They offer reliable, peak performance, good warranties, and excellent system monitoring.

Mid-price segment: ABB, Sungrow, Huawei, Delta, Goodwe. They offer reliable, high-output performance and good warranties.


A solar system is a long-term venture and cannot be replaced in a short period of time. Therefore, you should make careful decisions regarding which solar component brands to choose to ensure you get a high-quality system and optimal performance to power your home for years. You must have a clear understanding of the warranty terms to make sure you do not lose money on repairs or replacements. You will make safe decisions by choosing CEC-approved solar brands and hiring CEC-accredited solar experts to do the installation.

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