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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

All across Australia, there has been a noticeable solar boom as solar panels continue to become increasingly popular as an alternative form of energy. Some of the reasons why solar power is a great alternative to traditional energy sources are –

  • it is greener
  • environmentally friendly
  • does not produce any emissions
  • requires minimal maintenance
  • long warranty periods
  • long life expectancy of the average solar panel


There has been a significant increase in the electricity prices all across Australia. The latest solar panel models on the Australian market have an expected lifespan of 20-30 years, and warranties that will keep them protected for at least half of that time.

It is very important to research and study the warranties offered by the solar brands you are considering to install on the roof of your home or business. The warranties offered by the solar brands are set in place to guarantee the performance levels of the solar panels over the course of its life. Most warranties will guarantee that the performance will not drop below 80% before the warranty ends. In fact, some panels have been known to remain over 80% efficient even past the end of their lives.

It is essential to remember that the performance levels of your solar panels will deteriorate slightly over time but there are certain measures you can undertake to help ensure their longevity.

The Causes of solar panel Degradation

As mentioned, solar panels so deteriorate over time. One of the causes for solar panel deterioration are extreme climatic conditions. Solar panels when installed in areas with extreme climate conditions have shown higher degradation rates than those in moderate ones. For climates that were very cold, panels that were subjected to heavy snow and wind tended to suffer the most. Similarly, panels that were installed in a façade in the same climate showed very low rates of degradation as the snow load was eliminated.

On the other hand, it has been observed that solar panels installed in areas with desert climates displayed large decrease in solar production over time (close to 1% per year) due to the high levels of UV exposure. This decrease is massive compared to moderate climates, which tend to be around 0.2% per year. Panels in moderate climates tend to be able to retain 96% of their production capabilities after 20 years.

What you can do to maintain your solar panels

There are a few tips that can help you ensure that the efficiency of your solar panels stay at their best so that you get to enjoy them for the full length of their estimated lifespan.

Even though solar panels are pretty much self-sufficient after installation and require minimal maintenance, an annual (or biannual) clean can really help them stay maintained. It is important to note that you only need to give your solar panels a good clean once or twice a year, but if you have had a long period with no rain, you may want to give them an extra once over.

We have listed a few cleaning tips to keep in mind in order to maintain you solar panels’ efficiency:

  • You should clean the solar panels preferably in the morning or evening as they can get very hot during the day
  • Leaves and debris from the surface of the solar panel should be gently swept away.
  • You can use your garden hose to spray down the panels but it is important to use a gentle stream

Important things to keep in mind when cleaning the solar panels:

  • Make sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guide before you use any cleaning products on the solar panels
  • Always take precaution when cleaning the panels installed on your roof. Going up on the roof can feel very daunting so if in doubt, there are professional panel cleaners that you can call.
  • It is crucial that you never touch the wiring underneath the solar panels, only clean the surface of the solar panels.
  • Always ensure that there is nothing hanging over the solar panels that could potentially fall on the panels and can cause cracks. The shade produced by things like tree branches hanging over the panels will greatly reduce the overall efficiency of your panels and could also damage the solar panels if they fall on them.

Want to Know More?

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