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How can solar batteries help save money?

When thinking of a solar installation in Australia, having grid-tied residential solar panels with an added storage battery system is the ideal setup for maximum financial savings. The excess electricity that your solar panels generate gets stored in your batteries instead of getting exported to the utility. You can access this energy when the sun goes down and not need to draw from the electrical grid, which will lower your bills. And now here is why we call this an ideal scenario. In the event that your batteries run out of power, you can instantly begin drawing electricity from the utility grid. The transition is so smooth, you won’t have to fret about your power needs anymore.

A power storage system optimizes savings from your solar installation in Australia

Feed-in tariffs are no longer available in all regions and new solar users may not get to enjoy the benefit of electricity export. In fact, many existing solar users have noticed that feed-in tariffs have been diminishing with time. This situation can be balanced by installing a storage battery system. So how does a solar battery really help increase your financial savings? Let us look at a day in an Aussie family’s life. Most parents go to work and children to school during the day when the residential solar panels are producing energy. But they do not use this solar power. Rather they draw power from the grid in the evening as they get home. Even with feed-in tariffs in place, the household still gets a big electricity bill. By installing a solar battery system with a top-end German-manufactured Sonnen or value-for-money Tesla Powerwall solar battery, you can reserve the energy generated by your residential solar panels during the day and use it to power your home for free in the evening.

But solar batteries are expensive

Solar batteries were certainly expensive earlier but they are now becoming a more budget-friendly solar investment with affordable options on the market like the LG Chem Resu and the Tesla Powerwall solar batteries. Additionally, there are government programs in various states and territories to encourage home solar energy storage installations such as solar battery rebate schemes and zero-interest loans to reduce home battery investment costs even more. Under these schemes, households can save as much as $2000 to up to $6000 due to home solar battery subsidies and grants towards solar installations in Australia with battery storage.

With a solar storage system, most average medium-sized Australian households can anticipate saving hundreds to thousands of dollars on their energy bills every year depending on their location, kWh of consumption, and also its fashion.


Installing a home energy storage system is an excellent move to take your solar conversion even further and maximize your home’s energy efficiency and economic benefits.

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