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Here’s how to get into a sunny mood

Time to get up and about! Make the most of the sun this Summer Solstice.


Summer solstice is all set to occur on December 22, as people wait eagerly for the longest day of the year. As the sun reaches the highest point in the sky, we experience sunshine for a long time through the day. While all over the world, the day denotes abundance and fertility, the summer solstice also does its magic on one’s mental well-being. As children, you must have heard elders say, ‘Go and get some sun.’ Well, apparently, there is more to it than just wanting to get rid of you. 

Meanwhile, as summer is ushered in with the solstice, there is an evident spring in people’s steps and their moods are upbeat as a sense of positivity takes over. People also tend to sleep better. It is not just a physical phenomenon though. The change in mood and behaviour because of additional sunlight is backed by scientific facts. 

Why do you feel optimistic during summer solstice?

Though too much exposure to the sun can have adverse effects on the skin, just the right amount of sun can do wonders to your system. During solstice, for instance, the extra amount of sunlight helps to adjust the body’s internal clock. Also known as the circadian rhythm, with longer sunshine time, the receptor in your eyes understand sleep and wake patterns better. And everyone will agree that a good night’s sleep acts like a fuel to the mind and body. This could also be a reason why people normally feel gloomy in winters when there is barely any sunlight. 

Besides, exposure to sunlight is supposed to increase the level of serotonin (the feel-good hormones), which has a direct relation to improved moods and helps people stay calm and motivated. 

Vitamin D factor

As you spend more time enjoying the sun’s energy, you also end up absorbing a good amount of Vitamin D. This vital vitamin is essential not only for one’s physical well-being but is equally important for mental health as well. Research has shown that a Vitamin D deficiency can cause symptoms of depression in people and can also make them sluggish and listless. Sufficient amount of Vitamin D is helpful in elevating your mood. And what better way to get your Vitamin D levels right than through the best natural source, the sun? Just a 10-minute walk in the sun can do the trick and leave you feeling wonderful and happy! 

Make the most of the solstice

It’s December and there is an air of festivity all around. It’s the right time to go out and get some of that Vitamin D and also your serotonin levels up. What will make things better and add to the cheer will be to step out with friends and family, take part in outdoor activities – picnics, hikes, barbecues, bonfires – and enjoy the innumerable benefits of the sun on the longest day of the year. Not only will it help you be physically fit, but it will also bring in a sense of calm and purpose in your life. 

After all, solstice also means looking inward, pausing, and pushing that reset button on your life. As you enjoy the abundance of the sun on solstice, don’t forget to put on some of that suntan lotion.

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