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Get the gadgets: Solar powered innovations for everyday use

Easy ways to include solar power in daily life.


With the increased thrust on green energy becoming a focus on the way to live, there have been interesting innovations that use the sun’s power. These solar powered gadgets are slowly making way into one’s daily life.  Whether it is for home/office use or for personal convenience, there are various options to choose from when it comes to solar powered gadgets. Whether it is for home or office, here is a curated list of gadgets that you can use and make a difference to the planet. 

Solar powered generators

Say goodbye to petrol or diesel generators. Non-polluting and safe, solar powered generators can be used to power the appliances at home; from lights to televisions and laptops to refrigerators. Solar powered generators your best choice especially during power outages. The portable solar powered generators are travel-friendly too. 

Solar Cell Phone Charger

With cell phones becoming our go-to method of staying in touch and the convenience of being available on the move, it needs to be charged frequently. What happens when you don’t have access to a plug point and your cell phone battery is discharging? Keep a solar cell phone charger handy. A solar powered power bank is a boon that helps you to be in charge at any given time – power or no power. Just charge it by your window or balcony, and you are good to go. 

Solar Powered Jackets

Are you ready to beat the winter chills? You can protect yourself from wintry days with this out of the box innovation; the solar powered jacket that is made from a special material that can use solar energy to keep you warm. Just the right product for outdoors in harsh winter that can store the energy from the sun and keep you warm.

Solar Powered LED Lamps

Venturing out in the dark? Now you can carry out your nocturnal activities safely with adequate light. Carry solar charged lamps to navigate through the darkness. Charging the lamp for two hours ensures supply of light for up to eight hours in optimal conditions. 

Solar Backpack

Worried about charging your gadgets while off the grid? Invest in a solar backpack fitted with a detachable solar pocket. The solar charged backpack from Voltaic can charge all your handheld gadgets when you have no other source of power. 

Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers

These help you enjoy uninterrupted music wherever you are. Charge it in sun for five hours and you are set for a night long revelry. It will also charge your smartphone via the USB port. Portable, handy and water resistant, power yourself with these electricity free speakers for unlimited fun.

Solar Wireless Keyboard

The K750 solar wireless keyboard by Logitech can be charged by the sun and can keep running for three months even when there is no light. Compact and wireless, it only requires to be plugged in to a USB port and is compatible with all popular computer formats.

There is no doubt that opting for solar powered gadgets gives us a chance to do our bit to control global warming and contribute towards a safer earth. So the next time

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