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FAQs regarding solar panels in Perth

Everyone today knows about solar panel installation in Perth, how it saves you thousands of dollars, protects the environment, how feed-in tariffs work, etc.

However, there are some commonly asked questions by Perth residents regarding how solar panels work, which we have tried to answer here.

Q. How can I save money from solar panels in PERTH?

A. You can get financial benefits from some of the best solar panels in Australia, in two ways:

1) Savings on electricity bills
2) Feed-in tariffs

Electricity generated by your solar panels in Perth during the day, powers the electrical equipment on your property. This means that you do not have to purchase that power from the utility grid. So, you save the amount of money you would have paid for that electricity to the grid.
Sometimes, when you do not use the energy generated by your solar panels, it gets sent back to the grid. You get compensated for every kWh of power that you export to the grid in Perth. This is called a feed-in tariff and it varies by state and utility company. Usually, it is between 8c to 15c per kWh.
The most profitable way to huge savings is through the maximum use of solar energy and lesser use of grid power.

Q. Will I still get electricity bills after getting solar installed in Perth?

A. Unless you get a completely off-grid system with storage batteries, you will continue to get an electricity bill. The bills will indeed shrink considerably after you install solar. However, you will be charged a service fee to remain connected to the grid. Along with this, there will be tax charged based on the amount of grid electricity you use. The lesser the usage of grid electricity, the lesser the tax you pay. Other than the basic service fee and taxes, you are charged for any electricity that you have drawn from the grid. Your bill will also include net metering credits from the utility company. This is compensation for any electricity that you export to the grid in Perth.

Q. Do solar panels generate electricity at night?

A. Solar panels use sunlight for power generation. So they do not work at night. However, solar energy can be used at night if you have batteries. Unused power from your Risen/Trina solar panels in Perth can be stored in batteries. This stored electricity can be used to energize your home at night.

Q. Do panels need cleaning to produce efficiently?

A. Most solar panels in Perth will last you about 25-plus years. They will deliver excellent savings with the fun of little or no maintenance. Trina, Jinko, Risen, etc. are some top-quality solar panel brands in Australia that require no cleaning or other maintenance for the panels to perform efficiently.

Q. Do panels still work on winter, cloudy or snowy days?

A. Your solar panels in Perth will always work and generate electricity whether it be winter or cloud. However, the output will not be the same as on days when the sun shines its best. There is a direct correlation between your solar system’s output and daylight hours. Therefore, naturally Risen, Trina, Jinko, or any other top brand of solar panels in Perth will produce lesser electricity during winter. When installed at a tilt angle, snow will slide off the modules as it melts thus even snow will not keep the panels from performing.

Q. What happens to the unused power when I’m not home during the day?

A. If you are away from home during the daytime when your solar panels in Perth are producing electricity, or on occasions when your solar panels produce more than you can use, the excess power gets exported to the grid.

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