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Everything you wanted to know under the sun about going solar

Get all your answers to go solar in one place.


Whether you are considering going solar for your home or your office, remember that this is probably one of the most significant decisions you will make in your lifetime. While going solar is definitely a smart investment, there will be questions that you will need to ask before you want to go solar. 

Why should I go Solar?

There are many reasons to go solar. You can save on your electricity bill, be a green champion, reduce the carbon footprint, increase your home value and some states also offer incentives for those who choose to go solar. These are just some of the benefits of going solar. 

How do I know if my house is right for solar panels?

There are three things that you can consider to know if your current house is right for using solar energy. These are: 

  • Look out for the amount of sunshine your roof receives. If you are surrounded by a lot of shade, then solar power may not be a viable solution for you. 
  • If you live in the Southern hemisphere, your roof should be facing the north to get the best output of the solar energy. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, your roof should be facing the south to tap in the maximum benefits of solar energy. 
  • If the cost of electricity is high in the state you stay in, you can save money by going solar. 

If your home meets these criteria, you are ready to take the solar leap!  

My electricity bill isn’t high enough. Should I still go solar?

Even if  your energy bill isn’t high, it is best to opt for solar energy. Solar energy will reduce your electricity bills even more. The difference amount that you save can be used to pay for the solar panels. It’s a win-win situation.

Can I opt for a finance plan to go solar? 

Many companies have finance options that can help people who want to go solar. You may want to discuss this with the solar energy provider to work out a finance option that meets your requirements. Most companies will have special offers that they announce from time to time that can benefit you when you want to go solar. 

What is the cost of going solar? 

If you have doubts about how much solar your residence or commercial establishment needs, you can get a quote from the solar energy provider who will help you with the details. Since it is difficult to get an estimate without the right information. Solar energy companies have a team of experts that can help you with your queries and suggest the way to go forward. 

Do solar panels come with a warranty?

Yes, solar panels do come with a warranty that can range from 10 – 25 years depending on the manufacturer. Since solar panels are divided into tiers depending on the type and quality, the warranty for them can differ as well.  

How long do solar panels last?

With improved technology in place, solar panels can have a longer durability. Keeping external factors like weathering and degradation that is caused by outside factors and accumulation or dirt and grime in mind, solar panels can last for up to 25 years with the right maintenance. To give your solar panels a longer life, it is advised to clean the panels regularly.  Last but not the least, if you are thinking which company can you trust, look no further. While this is one of the most difficult decisions to make, we have you sorted. Your best bet would be Solar Power Nation. Reach out to us and get your queries answered and let our team of experts help you jump on the solar bandwagon.


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