Fimer Solar Inverter

Fimer boasts of one of the widest portfolios of solar inverters, ranging from single and three phase string inverters to megawatt-sized central inverters. Extremely versatile, they are built with high grade materials and extensive control on production processes to ensure superior quality and meet safety standards. The built-in PowerGain function allows these inverters to deliver better energy yields even in shading conditions. They have also been designed to be compatible with smart buildings and smart grids. They come with a standard 10-year warranty while firmware upgrades can be uploaded remotely. A technical team based in Sydney is also on hand to provide support when needed.

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SMA Solar Inverter

Trendsetters when it comes to renewable energy technology, SMA is a global leader in PV System technology. The SMA Solar Inverter’s innovative photovoltaic applications, coupled with SPN’s peerless customer service, enables you to meet your energy needs more efficiently and easily.

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Fronius Solar Inverter

One of the leading inverter manufacturers globally, their inverters are also the one of the firsts to be deemed compatible with the Tesla Powerwall battery system. Their Fronius Symo Hybrid integrates seamlessly with the Powerwall. Boasting great connectivity, most of their models have a "smart grid" that allow you to meet your local electricity conditions.

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SolaX Solar Battery

Although traditionally an inverter producer, they have been major players in battery storage solutions for quite some time now. SolaX Solar batteries have high efficiency ratings and come with a 10-year warranty, guaranteed original capacity for charging, and Plug & Pay solutions if you wish to expand your energy requirements.

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Jinko Solar Panels

JinkoSolar is a manufacturer of solar-oriented materials and photovoltaic frameworks. They offer monocrystalline ingots, polycrystalline ingots, monocrystalline and polycrystalline wafers, intersection boxes and solar oriented cells with a force extending from 20 to 260 Wp. The assembly line of JinkoSolar is completely vertically coordinated and ensures the generation of 2.1 GW of photovoltaic modules and 2 GW of wafers, PV cells and silicon ingots.

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Q Cells Solar Panels

Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. The cells are engineered in Thalheim, Germany, which is where their headquarters for technology and innovation is based. A subsidiary of the Hanwha Group, the company has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea and operates under brands Q CELLS and Hanwha Solar.

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SAJ Solar Inverter

SAJ provides professional distributed solar inverter, energy storage hybrid solar inverter and monitoring solutions, general frequency drive, smart pump drive, and solar pumping systems, and has been a leading name in both the Australian and Chinese markets for half a decade.

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