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Brighten up your marketing strategy

Powering your business with solar energy can help improve brand image and connect with customers on a whole new level.



In a world that is facing an environmental crisis consumers are becoming more eco-conscious every day and choosing products and services that align with their beliefs of following sustainable practices. Driving operations with renewable energy like solar is a leap in the right direction. 

A green makeover

There’s no way around it, how a business performs is directly linked to how customers see the brand. And using clean can do a lot to give that image an extra shine. Using solar power for day-to-day operations earns a company a green label which says loud and clear that they are participants in the struggle against climate change. Companies that use solar power are often viewed as corporations with an environmental conscience and are looked upon favourably, often drawing positive attention from the media. It also helps establish better relationships with other businesses that share the same values. 

A smart move

When customers view a brand positively they become strong advocates for your business. And word of mouth is a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal that can extend your reach further that you can imagine. However, that’s not the only benefit of switching to solar. 

Companies that adopt sustainable practices and power operations with solar power reduce the negative impact of production on the planet and allow room for long-term growth. Green practices also improve credibility and help a brand stand out in an increasingly competitive  environment. When a company  is seen as an advocate of responsible practices it also helps build a community that further drives and inspires marketing ideas and campaigns.

Sustainability and green practices are also important to young people, both in terms of engaging with a brand and as a potential employer. In fact, a survey revealed that 40% of millennials would be willing to take a pay cut if it meant working with an environmentally responsible company. 

Get the word out

Good deeds don’t have to go unnoticed and this is no time to be modest. It is not enough just to adopt sustainable practices, you need to tell your audience. And the environmental angle works really well to give your brand image a boost. And there are a few ways you can get the word out.

Engaging with local, perhaps even global environmental issues, donating to green charities, supporting organisations that are developing innovative environment-friendly products and services, is a great way to voice your values and mission statement. Social media posts that focus on green practices are also a good way to engage with your audience. 

Press releases and sustainability reports  are another good way to make sure you are heard. For instance, publishing a press release about the solar project highlighting annual carbon reductions and talking about sustainability strategies. 

Are you running on sun power yet?

More and more organisations are adopting green practices like switching to solar energy. The desire to do a good deed for the environment is the primary driver, however they also recognize that demonstrating social responsibility can increase brand loyalty and reach wider audiences. So what are you waiting for? If you want your brand to really shine you need a little sun power on your side. 

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