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Being thoughtful: Solar gifting for an eco-friendly Christmas

A list of unique eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas 2021


What better occasion than Christmas to cherish and protect the environment? Starting with solar powered items to clothes, foods and gadgets, there are choices galore in the market if you are looking for environment friendly gifts. The list is truly endless! 

So, gear up to make this Christmas a truly memorable one by becoming a green warrior. 

Solar Decorations and Lights

Help your friends light up their Christmas trees and homes with solar powered light decorations. Solar powered lights use the solar energy during the day and shine bright the entire night. There are models that come with solar batteries too to store the energy.  You can also opt for solar string lights to decorate your home and the lawns to make your Christmas special. Go for solar lights to brighten up your pathways and other outdoor areas around the house too. Best way to go green this Christmas! These lights come in interesting colours and shapes. 

Solar Cooker

Initiate your friends and relatives into the world of solar by gifting them a portable solar cooker. Whether they go camping or for a picnic, as they bask in the sun, the portable solar cooker will cook the food. It is easy to carry and of course, environment friendly! Need solar cooking recipes?  Click here to view some easy to make recipes

Solar Powered Phone Chargers

Phone chargers have become a lifeline! Help people make a switch to solar powered phone chargers by gifting them one. With it by your side, your phone will never run out of charge, even when you are off grid. There are a number of models with cool features to choose from. What’s more, some of them even charge other devices like your camera or tabs.

Solar Powered Speakers

Got friends who are music buffs and love spending time outdoors listening to music? Look no further! Solar powered speakers will make for a thoughtful Christmas gift for them. Being powered by the energy of the sun means the speakers will continue to blast music for hours together. Make it a Christmas where the music never stops!

Educate People on Solar

Take the opportunity this festive season to educate more people on the benefits of solar energy by gifting them starter books on solar. Priced reasonably, these starter kits are perfect gifting options and will surely bring some sunshine into the lives of people you love. 

Gift a Plant

With proper care and nourishment, a plant remains with you forever as a cherished item. If you are looking for a memorable Christmas present that will make a lasting impression, walking into a local nursery and picking up plants for your friends can make for a great eco-friendly gift option. 


If you are one of those who likes to gift kitchenware, homeware or other personal articles to your near and dear ones, make sure you buy products that are reusable and made of sustainable and recyclable materials – whether it is a water bottle, bags or storage containers, say no to plastic and do your bit to save the earth. 

Go Local

You can also make an effort to buy stuff from local businesses, like farmers markets and support small time manufacturers. A locally sourced hamper of fruits, vegetables and other goodies can make someone’s Christmas extra special!

With so many options to choose from, you are all set to make your loved one’s Christmas bright and sunny! 

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