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Be sun smart to add a shine to your event

Follow these tips and organize a successful sun smart event.


Sunlight is a major source for vitamin D. The UV rays contribute to building strong bones, healing skin conditions and strengthening the immune system. But too much of sun can be harmful, it can result in sun-burns. Exposure for longer periods is also the reason for tanning, premature ageing, eye damage and in some cases skin cancer too. 

With summer round the corner, there are going to be events revolving around the summer solstice and many more which will be organised outdoors. Hence it becomes imperative to follow a sun safe behavior. If you are the organiser of such an event then you have to make sure that you have a sun smart policy in place.  

What is a sun smart event?

A sun smart event is where the organiser ensures that all the workers, volunteers, guests and helpers stay sun safe. The organiser ensures that the fun is not hampered and all provisions are made to promote protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And if you are organizing an event outdoors, keep these tips in mind. 

Limit the time in the sun

The sun’s rays are most intense between 10 am to 2pm. Make an early start and limit the time in the sun. This can be done by alternating tasks and activities between indoor and outdoor areas. 

Arrange for sunscreen

The use of sunscreen can reduce the risks of sun damage to quite some extent. Place broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreens with easy accessibility on site. Make sure that the sunscreen has a protection factor of 50 or higher. This will be especially useful for participants who have forgotten to apply or bring their own sunscreens along. 

Ensure safety of workforce

The staff and volunteers are majorly at risk, as they may have to be in the sun for extended hours. The Australian standard for protective clothing specifies the requirements for level of covering and fabric. Ensure that the workforce is wearing the stipulated garments with appropriate protection for the head and eyes. 

Arrange for extra hats

Make provision for a few wide-brimmed hats that shade the neck, ears and face. This can be used by the staff or guests if they have forgotten to carry their own. 

Check out for proper shade areas

While arranging for the event, check out the shade availability in and around the program venue. Trees with dense foliage, tall buildings and structures surrounding the site can be good sources of shade. If these are non-existent then organise for temporary shade structures such as umbrellas and pavilions. 

Create additional awareness

  • The event invitations should carry sun smart messages reminding the invitees about sun protective behaviors. 
  • Display guidelines on websites, noticeboards and event entry points.
  • If there is an announcement system then ask the presenter to make sun smart announcements at regular intervals. 
  • In case there are electronic screens at the venue, display digital sun behavior messages on these. 
  • Brief the staff and volunteers about sun appropriate behavior right since the time they have been hired or appointed. 

While planning, organising and during the event, continuously monitor that all the stipulated protocols for sun protection are being followed and taken care of. Outdoor events are universally enjoyed. Strike the right balance and guarantee that you and your guests will get enough of the sun with all protection in place. 

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