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Are Trina Solar panels the right choice for you? Let’s find out.

Switching to solar is the right way to go but choosing the right components can be daunting, especially with so many choices out there. Trina Solar as a company is considered as one of the top manufacturers of solar solutions globally and has been ranked as Tier 1 manufacturer by Bloomberg. Their solar panels are regarded as one of the top choices for efficient solar panels that are economical too. Let’s take a closer look.

Leading innovators

Trina Solar offers a wide range of panels for various applications and have invested in innovation and technology inorder to improve efficiency and quality. According to Go Solar Quotes, this has enabled them to break the world record on solar module power and efficiency nearly 30 times. Clean Energy Reviews adds that with the launch of their new Vertex range of panels, they have become an industry leader in advancing their range of panels. 

Panels you can trust

The efficiency of the panels vary as per a specific range or model but the Brisbane Solar Information site states that the overall rating efficiency for Trina solar panels is regarded as above the industry-standard, and clocks in at approximately 16.8% in the standard types of testing conditions. Additionally, Clean Energy Review points out that they show very good results in the PV Evolution Labs independent testing program. 

When it comes to the solar energy field, the closer the closer the temperature coefficient is to zero the better, which makes Trina panels a standout. The Brisbane Solar Information site further adds that they are an excellent choice for regions that experience warm to hot weather and are known to perform well even on low-light days as compared to some of their competitors. 

The panels are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions like heavy snow and wind loads and are resistant to soil erosion, says Go Solar Quotes.. The designs also allow homes with small roofs to harness maximum solar power. Furthermore, the frame design makes them  easy to transport, deploy, and install on any standard surface.

An economical choice

Go Solar Quotes also points out that Trina Solar strives to provide the right balance between modern cell technologies and cost-effectiveness to offer customers the most efficient and economical panels.


Efficiency Rating: 16.2% – 20.4%*

Temperature Coefficient: Between -0.41 and -0.36*

Customer Service: Good

Warranty: 12-15 years product warranty with 25-30 years performance warranty

Price Range: Budget friendly

*Source: EnergySage

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