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Are LONGi Solar panels the way to go? Let’s find out.


LONGi Solar is a leading manufacturer of durable, value-based and technologically advanced monocrystalline solar panels. Ranked as a Tier-1 manufacturer by Bloomberg, they contribute to approximately a quarter of the solar panel market demand and hold the highest market value in the industry.


Leading innovators

LONGi Solar is known for in-depth research and development with a focus on continuously innovating cell technology. According to Solaris their two primary technologies are PERC modules and bifacial modules. Their PERC cell technology consists of passivated rear side and laser grooving which significantly improves cell efficiency. This leads to outstanding energy production even in low light and low temperature environments. 

Additionally, Solar Choice points out that LONGi Solar Panels retain more power capacity through their lifetime with a warrantied degradation rate of 0.55% per year for the mono module and 0.45% per year for the bifacial module compared to a traditional degradation rate of 0.7% for the Hi-MO3 and Hi-MO4 mono modules. This means they will be producing 1.85% more energy after 10 years and 3.35% more energy after 20 years. Clean Energy Reviews further adds that their gallium-doped silicon and smart soldering have placed LONGi amongst the top solar technology innovators. 


Value for money

According to Clean Energy Reviews with a massive production capacity, LONGi is not only driving down costs of more efficient wafers and solar cells but producing a range of cost-effective solar panels for residential and commercial applications. Solaris adds that their solar panels come with high efficiency standards and above average 25 year performance output. In comparison to other value-based panels, they come below the average price point with similar efficiency ratings. The same is true when their  modules are compared to mid-range panels.


Award winning performance

According to Solaris LONGi high efficiency cell technology holds awards for outstanding energy production in 2017 and 2018,  their PERC module won first prize in energy yield simulation from TÜVRheinland. In 2019 they also won first in outdoor energy yield. In addition, they participated in PV Magazine’s outdoor generation test, and a number of their modules out performed their competitors in the study. Lightning Solar & Electrical also adds that Australians voted them a Trusted Brand in 2020. 




Efficiency Rating: 18.60% – 24.06%*

Temperature Coefficient: Around -0.37**

Warranty: 10-15 years product warranty with 25-year performance warranty

Pricing: Cost-effective

*Source: Solaris

**Source: Review.Solar

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