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Are Growatt inverters the right fit for you? Read on to know.

Growatt is a global leader in smart energy solutions and a leading manufacturer of affordable inverters featuring a monitoring system. The company invests heavily in research and development and has a Bloomberg Tier-1 ranking. According to IHS Markit, it is one of the world’s top 10 inverter brands. 


Focus on innovation

Growatt puts a lot of emphasis on designing and manufacturing inverters that appeal to their consumers. According to Solar Review the latest release of single-phase inverters has taken a big leap forward catering to the modern aesthetic sought after by many end users. Over the last decade they have been producing various products at the more affordable end of the spectrum and have displayed an ability to evolve consistently while supporting past product releases. 


Wide range

Solar Choice points out that Growatt offers a wide range of products with single-phase inverters from 3kW up to 8kW and three-phase inverters from 3kW to 80kW. They also offer hybrid inverters that are a great choice if you are considering adding energy storage. The inverters are Wi-Fi enabled and come with a remote monitoring system. 


Makes a difference

What’s unique about the Growatt range of inverters according to Solar Choice is that they offer different types and configurations in the typical power range. Growatt manufactures single-phase inverters with one or two MMPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking), three-phase inverters with dual MMPTs and a single-phase hybrid inverter with dual MMPTs.


The promise of efficiency, quality and affordability

SolarRun reveals that Growatt Australia provides quality inverters with remote monitoring at an affordable price. According to Solar Choice the inverters rank high on efficiency as well. The range consists of transformerless inverters, which contributes to the high efficiency. The Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-X/XH is a 2.5-6kW single-phase inverter with dual MPTTs. It showcases the development of inverter technology, function, and appearance. It ranges from 98.2% to 98.4% efficiency, making it one of the most efficient residential inverters on the market. This in combination with the touch key, OLED display and sleek modern design is setting a new standard for inverters.

Growatt inverters come with a five year warranty and a five year free extension that can be claimed by registering online. 



Efficiency: 95 -98.4%*

Price Range: Economical

Warranty: Up to 10 years

*Source: Solar Choice

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